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ESB Spirit

In order to understand ESB Business School properly, one must get to know its history, traditions, and its special spirit. Anyone who has visited our campus and met our enthusiastic students at any of our many events, and felt their proud sense of belonging to ESB Business School, where students receive individual attention from the admissions procedure right through to the graduation ceremony, knows the unique spirit of ESB Business School.

The ESB Spirit is kept alive by all students, alumni, professors and staff of the Business School. The professors enjoy living up to the challenge of providing outstanding international education; the students greatly appreciate the commitment and support of all the staff, and the fact that the professors are always easily approachable. Uncomplicated administration and fast communication are ESB hallmarks.

The ESB Spirit helps create a special innovative climate. Our students take part in an unusually high number of competitions held by companies and institutions, in which their creative and innovative approach stands them in very good stead. As well as promoting international careers, our research projects also provide opportunities to develop ideas for innovative new business start-ups.

“Join the Spirit” is not an empty phrase, but a real life experience of a special symbiosis of highly-motivated students, service-oriented staff, and dedicated professors.