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(National Model United Nations ESB)

What is NMUN?

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1945 following World War II in pursuit of peace in the world. Every year in New York City, where the UN headquarters resides, over 5,000 university students from all over the world join a conference for current global concerns in order to keep the UN's legacy and its mission, that is, the purpose of National Model United Nations - NMUN.


Through a competitive selection process, 24 passionate students from one of the most respected Business Schools in Europe, ESB Business School, have formed a team for NMUN NY 2014. The team consists of students from 4 different countries. NMUN ESB will represent the delegation of Spain during the conference in 2014.


Previous Achievements

ESB Business School has been a successful participant at NMUN since the year of 2009, and we have now become Germany's most successful delegation. Amongst many of our achievements, the recent ones are the following:

  • "Distinguished Delegation"
    NMUN 2013 - representing Mexico
  • "Distinguished Delegation"
    NMUN 2012 - representing Qatar

This year, for NMUN 2014, we are representing the delegation of Spain, and currently our passionate team is endeavoring to achieve the continuous success.

Extra Activities

The team of ESB NMUN, as a delegation, offers enriching experiences in order to raise the awareness of the responsibility we have in the world, and thus we organize social events in an effort to give something back to the ones in need.

Blood Drive

Every year, the delegation of ESB NMUN organizes an event called “Blood Drive” in cooperation with the DRK (German Red Cross). The entire profit is donated to support the child cancer foundation in Tübingen.



Support Us

While most universities that participate in NMUN NY have staff and resources assigned to the program, the team of ESB NMUN has built its success primarily on students' own efforts. We have been lucky to have sponsors who helped us finance our costly trip to NYC. In 2009, the first country we represented, Kuwait, was deeply appreciative of our delegation's commitment, thus sponsored 50% of the expense. In the following years, many successful companies and organization continuously supported us as a token of their appreciation on our work. Now it's your turn and we need your support!


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