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Logistics planning and modelling

  • 20 personal computers including webcams and headsets
  • model of a high shelf with a web-interface and a model of a production line
  • software (selection): SAP, Axxom, Taylor ED, APIS IQ, GaBi, Mathcad, PMS, Oracle

Logistics factory

  • materials handling technology 
  • industrial handling
  • storage technique
  • sensor and control technology

Virtual Collaborative Engineering and CAD

  • 36 CAD-workplaces including monitors which are compatible with stereoscopy for 3D visualization and 10 laptops including webcams and headsets
  • immersive 3D VR-Powerwall (6m x 3m)
  • two planning tables including 50" plasma screens with touch screen and a multimedia-based personal computer
  • digital smartboard, digital projector
  • software: Delmia V6, Catia Systems V6, Enovia V6, Simulia V6, Tarakos, VisTable, IC.IDO, Oracle
  • video conferencing: Daviko, PlaceCam, PolyCom, PVX

Automation technology

  • 10 Robotinos
  • software: Robotino-SIM, LabView
  • CNC/CAD/CAM coordination system including linear operation 

Information and communication technology

  • 24 workplaces in the laboratory including 12 personal computer and software
  • Oscilloscope, signal generator, measuring instrument
  • identification systems (bar code, RFID)
  • WLAN directional radio antenna