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Lilly Deutschland GmbH

For over 135 years, Lilly has been committed to the advancement of medicine and the development of innovative healthcare. Over 38,000 employees worldwide are dedicated to the discovery, production and marketing of breakthrough drugs. These treat diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, sepsis, erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, disorders of the central nervous system and infectious diseases.

Lilly is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, headquartered in the United States and with 30 locations in Western and Eastern Europe. The corporation is developing new treatment approaches and technologies in its own laboratories and in collaboration with eminent scientific organizations around the world. The results of this intense R&D program can be seen in the company's growing portfolio of best-in-class drugs. Lilly provides answers – through medicines and information – for some of the world 's most urgent medical needs.

Lilly has been recognized by the business magazine "Capital" as one of the best employers and received the "Gender Equality Award".

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Lilly Deutschland GmbH
Werner-Reimers-Straße 2-4
61352 Bad Homburg