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You have decided to apply for the bachelor’s degree programme Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen – Sustainable Production and Business?

The following steps are necessary for the application and admissions process.

1.Please read the admission requirements for the degree programme carefully.

Admission requirements

  • General or subject-related university entrance qualification, entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences or other, equivalent German or foreign university entrance qualification.
  • International applicants with a university entrance qualification acquired abroad must submit their transcript or certificate to the Studienkolleg Konstanz for examination and conversion in due time before the application. Please note the deadlines of the Studienkolleg Konstanz. 
  • International applicants with a university entrance qualification acquired abroad require proof of their German language skills (e.g. TestDaF 14 or DSH 2).

 German or German equivalent applicants can acquire bonus points and thus increase their chances of getting a place at university:

  • Proof of completed vocational training in a professionally relevant field or practical activity that provides information about the subject-related aptitude. The list of vocational training courses eligible for bonus points can be found in the appendix of our 'Selection Regulations'.

With this bonus system you can improve your final grade and thus increase your chances of getting a place at university.

2.Apply online via the nationwide dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) from and after that at Reutlingen University.

Step 1: Registering at

You will receive your applicant identification number (BID) and the corresponding application authorisation number (BAN). Afterwards you will have to indicate your BID and BAN in your application.

Step 2: Registering at Reutlingen University

The application process for the bachelor degree programmes at Reutlingen University is divided into several steps. Please follow these steps when applying at Reutlingen University.

Step 3: Applying to Reutlingen University

Once you have registered, you can apply for the offered degree programmes.

Please log in at the portal using the access data you received after registering with Reutlingen University.

An assistant will guide you through the application process. All mandatory information is marked by an asterisk (*). You will receive help with individual input boxes by clicking on the “Info“ icon. If you still have technical or specialist questions, contact the places indicated under “Help and Support”.

You can interrupt the application process for degree programmes at any time and continue later if for instance you need to look up or check any information.

Previously entered information will remain unchanged. In addition to entering your  degree programme of choice, the application also includes information about your university entrance qualification and any information related to services rendered, vocational training or other applications, for example for exceptional hardship. You will receive information about this at the local student advisory service. By pressing the checklist button you can check all the information you have entered.

Step 4: Sending your documents to Reutlingen University

In order to study at Reutlingen University, you have to fill out the online application form. You do not have to send your application by post. However, as soon as you actually matriculate at Reutlingen University, you will be asked to send the necessary documents by post.

3.Please note the application deadlines for the programme BSc Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen - Sustainable Production and Business

The complete application process is online. You will have to hand in further documents and the signed matriculation form at the time of the actual matriculation.

Application deadlines

Applications for winter intake (September-March): 15 July

Applications for summer semester (March-August): 15 January

The status of your application can be seen in the University Information Portal

4.If you are granted admission to the study programme, accept the offered place of study.

To do so return the signed application form for registration together with the required documents and transfer the semester fees

Questions & answers regarding registration

5.Welcome to ESB Business School!

You will find tips on finding a room or an apartment on Reutlingen University’s website.

For international students: On Reutlingen University’s website you will find information about studying in Germany, our range of preparatory classes, previous student experiences and a whole lot more.