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Experiences of students & alumni

Timo Maly

Participant International Retail Management 2019

The study program offers the optimal combination of theory and practice. Due to the very heterogeneous field of participants you will get to know the different facets of retail very well and you will expand your knowledge enormously within a very short time!
A further advantage is the temporal division of the program, which enables you to continue to be a "full-fledged employee" and at the same time to devote yourself completely to the study in phases.

We are all extremely motivated and grateful for the opportunity to complete this complex training package for REWE Group!

Matthias Hofstetter

Participant International Retail Management 2019

The combination of training as a regional sales manager at HOFER KG in Austria and the "International Retail Management" master’s programme at ESB Reutlingen provides me with a perfect mix of theory and practice. What I especially like about the varied attendance phases in Reutlingen is the exchange of information with business and retail experts from all over the world. The broad range of knowledge across all areas of retailing provided by the training at the internationally renowned university is the best preparation for my future career.


Ann-Kathrin Weiß

Graduate International Retail Management 2017

After gaining my bachelor degree I was quite sure that I would opt for a practice-oriented master’s course. The IRM programme, which Aldi Süd offers in cooperation with ESB in Reutlingen, was the best possible way for me to follow this path. The practice-oriented course provides an excellent opportunity to put theoretical principles into practice as well as to question the theoretical issues which originate directly from everyday practice. This is why the course captivated me from start to finish.

Janis Ilg

Graduate International Retail Management 2017

The International Retail Management master’s programme offers its participants a unique concept. The limited number of students per course promotes interactivity among the students and concentrates on the personal development of the participants. The programme’s clearly unique selling point is its practice-based training. In addition to lecturers with many years of practical experience, importance is attached to working on topics of practical relevance using case studies. The experience of the lecturers always plays a major role. During the attendance phases the focus is on the development of current and future-oriented topics. In this way the students are given the opportunity to move along the spirit of the times and to position themselves for the future.

Felix Logemann

Graduate International Retail Management 2017

The International Retail Management master’s study programme turned out to be a real winner for me! The close links between theory and practice makes this study programme unique. In addition to the newly learned theoretical contents, the various soft-skill modules were easily integrated into working life. Moreover, a wide range of lectures in English help to tackle challenges in an international context with the necessary know-how. There is a clear focus on personal development during the attendance phases. Furthermore, an unparalleled team spirit developed in my intake semester which will also help me to retain fond memories of two very special years.

Jan Rickel

Graduate International Retail Management 2017

When I began my bachelor course, I happened to hear about the newly launched International Retail Management master’s programme. I thought to myself: a master’s programme at ESB Reutlingen in an exciting subject – that could be the right course for me. Now, five years and my preferred master’s degree later, I can say: It was the right choice! A former director of procurement taught me negotiating techniques, I discussed the limitations of RIFD in the supply chain with an RFID project manager and I was given the opportunity to visit the headquarters of international corporations. Overall I have the feeling that I developed so much on a professional but above all on a personal level.

Oliver Ott

Graduate International Retail Management 2017

After my generalist-oriented bachelor course in business administration I went on to expand my knowledge in relation to the retail sector in the International Retail Management master’s study programme at ESB Business School. The combination of theory and practice allowed me to transfer the subjects taught directly to my day-to-day work. In my view the two-year programme is perfect preparation for a management-level career in retailing companies.

Carina Matyssek

Graduate International Retail Management 2016

After completing my bachelor course without special practical relevance in Birmingham, England, it was very important to me to gain a master’s degree in a dual programme. This wish was based on the fact that in the previous three years I had experienced again and again how much more motivated I was after each of my internships where I had seen time and again how to apply in industry the skills I had gained from my studies. So I began my master’s course in Reutlingen expecting to experience two varied, exciting and instructive years… And I wasn’t disappointed. The constant change between theory and practice made all of us, my fellow students and myself, considerably more committed to our studies, we were able to discuss our experiences from working life in the lectures and apply them in case studies and have many more meaningful and interesting conversations with our lecturers than if we had been doing a “normal” course. I am firmly convinced that this helped me to understand a lot of course contents better and more comprehensively because I had learned not only for the next exam but primarily and quite literally for life.

Fabio Hafemann

Graduate International Retail Management 2014

After my bachelor in business information technology I was drawn to the retail sector to enhance my professional skills in retailing. At the same time I was looking for an opportunity to gather professional experience with leadership responsibility. With the consecutive, part-time study programme International Retail Management I found an excellent opportunity to study and learn exciting and practical contents for aspiring managers in retailing. The perfect integration in the Management Trainee Programme at ALDI SÜD and studying in dynamic small groups ensures maximum success in your studies. What is more, each and every student benefits from the international orientation of ESB Business School where the lecturers in classes held in German and English provide a look at global interrelations. This concept, which is new to retailing, convinced me right from the first day and I can recommend it to anyone who values sound academic training in combination with an entry-level position as a manager.

Theresa Holle

Graduate International Retail Management 2014

The decision to take part in the International Retail Management master’s programme was the right one and I would definitely make it again. I particularly like the personal support at ESB Reutlingen and the high professional competence of the professors. The course has created a very interesting direct link between many of the classes and our professional background at ALDI SÜD, enabling us during our studies to realise our own ideas in projects. In the profession of a regional sales manager, social and personal skills alongside sound professional knowledge are of great importance. The combination of business contents and the teaching of soft skills at ESB are a very good preparation for my career.

Stephanie Kühnle

Graduate International Retail Management 2014

The part-time International Retail Management study programme at ESB Business School was exactly the right choice for me as it enabled me to complete a first-class trainee programme at one of the leading retailing companies in Germany and at the same time to deepen and expand my skills by taking a demanding course at a renowned university. The tailor-made programme provides the best basis to make one’s mark as a young professional.