Programme Structure & Content

Order of study

The programme specifically caters for the possibility to work and complete the Master’s course in parallel: Within the first three semesters (18 months) eight blocks of lectures are scheduled as attendance classes at Reutlingen University. A block of lectures lasts two weeks, in each week from Monday to Thursday. This means you will spend a total of 64 attendance days on campus, including all examination days. In the fourth semester you complete your Master’s thesis. For this you do not need to come to the university.

Focal points

The International Retail Management Master’s programme integrates theory and practice on a high level: During the attendance phase the focus is on practical issues. Parallel to this, students will work on projects from corporate practice. This provides an optimal combination of learning and practice that fits into your professional activity. In direct exchange with lecturers you can develop new ideas and impulses for your profession.

1st to 3rd SEMESTER

Retail fundamentals

  • Retail management
  • Consumer goods marketing
  • Human resources management

Soft skills

  • Discussion and negotiating skills
  • Presentation, moderation, charisma, leadership
  • Intercultural management

Leadership and retail processes

  • International supply chain management, global sourcing, procurement techniques
  • Quantitative methods: market research and consulting
  • Controlling and finances
  • Strategic management

Advanced skills and international retailing

  • Communication and brand policy, merchandise management
  • Sales management
  • Digitisation, forecasting
  • Retail operations management, case studies


  • Scientific work
  • Master's thesis



The International Retail Management programme is offered in cooperation with the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University (KFRU). The KFRU is the further education foundation of Reutlingen University. The programme leads to a degree from Reutlingen University within the framework of the regulations of examinations for external students. The lectures are organised by the KFRU and professors from ESB Business School, professors from Reutlingen University and from external experts. The programme is subject to the quality standards of ESB Business School.