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Experiences of students & alumni

Jonas Schimmele


“After completing my Bachelor’s degree I wanted to start working straightaway but still have the opportunity to gain further specific qualifications while in employment. With the MA Strategic Sales Master’s study programme I was able to realise my goal

The interactive and practice-oriented lectures given by experienced lecturers were challenging and entertaining. And I was able to apply the content, methods and concepts I learned directly in my everyday work in marketing and sales.

Of particular value for me was that I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow students from other companies and with lecturers with many years of practical experience. I am convinced that these experiences will help me in my career.”

Patrick Scheil
Patrick Scheil

Student since the winter semester 2013/14

What did you do before starting the Strategic Sales Management study programme?
Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics in a cooperative education programme with IBM Germany.

Which of the expectations that you had of the Master’s programme at ESB Business School were fulfilled and which not?
The high practical relevance of the lectures, the strong emphasis placed on sales and management, the top-class lecturers and the extremely pleasant learning environment are all fantastic.

What have you enjoyed most about your Master’s course and where have you perhaps had to struggle a bit?
I particularly liked the practical sales, negotiation and communication modules. I had to struggle through the UN Sales Convention and negotiation theory.

What do you expect of your degree at ESB Business School for your professional career?
After the Master’s programme I would like to stay in sales and use what I have learned. In the medium term I see myself in management

What would you advise someone who is thinking about studying Strategic Sales Management?
Readiness to work in a team is important, as well as being open to new views and eager to discuss. And stamina for the long days of classes.  

Carina Kern

Student since the winter semester 2015/16

“After my Bachelor degree it was time for me to start my career – but I also wanted to do a Master’s course. The Master@IBM provides the opportunity to combine working and studying.

The hands-on lectures and workshops in the BSc International Management Double Degree (IMX) programme at ESB Business School were very exciting. I wanted more of the same from the Master’s course which is why I chose the MA Strategic Sales Management degree programme at the Knowledge Foundation.

The programme is a very good preparation for my professional responsibilities and much of the content can be immediately applied in everyday business life, which speaks clearly for the quality of the lecturers and of the programme. I would choose this degree programme again any time.

Philipp Hüttl

Student since the winter semester 2015/16

“After doing a Bachelor’s degree and first work experience in sales the Strategic Sales Management postgraduate course while in employment is ideal for anyone who is eager for knowledge and wants to keep learning. Here you do not only deepen and scrutinise what you have learned at work but also get to know many new perspectives and approaches. It was definitely the right choice for me!”