You have chosen the Consulting & Business Analytics Master’s programme and would now like to apply? To do so the following steps are necessary:

1.Read the admissions requirements for the study programme carefully.

Requirements for admission to examinations for external students:

  • Above-average bachelor degree with 210 ECTS points (with 180 ECTS points additional module required)
  • Successfully completed entrance examination in the form of a selection interview
  • Contract of employment with at least 25 percent release or confirmation of self-employment

2.Fill in the admissions application of the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University.

The Consulting & Business Analytics programme is offered in cooperation with the Knowledge Foundation@Reutlingen University (KFRU). The KFRU is the further education foundation of Reutlingen University. The programme leads to a degree awarded by Reutlingen University within the framework of regulations for the examinations of external students. The lectures are organised by the KFRU and by professors from ESB Business School as well as by external experts. The programme is subject to the quality standards of ESB Business School.

Download admissions application for admission to examinations of external students in the study programme of the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University

On the admissions application you will find a list of the supporting documents you have to enclose with your application.

Print your admissions application and sign it.

3.Send your application with all required documents in due time by post to the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University.

Send the admissions application together with the required supporting documents to:

Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University
attn. Marina Dowiasch
Alteburgstraße 150, Geb. 17
72762 Reutlingen

Application deadline
15 July

Applications must have arrived by this date at the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen.

4.Upon invitation attend the selection interview.

After examination of your documents by the admissions office of Reutlingen University we will invite you by telephone or email to the selection interview. Your application documents decide on whether you receive an invitation. Criteria for the selection decision are the study credits.

The selection interview takes place in May or July at the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University. If you cannot come on the day, please notify us immediately.

To complete the selection examination successfully you have to pass four criteria, each with at least the grade 4.0:

  • Communication and social behaviour
  • Target and performance orientation
  • Problem-solving skills and structuring
  • Commitment and internationality

The overall grade is based on the average of the four criteria with all criteria counting equally.

If you can demonstrate by means of a doctor’s certificate that you are unable to attend all or part of the selection interview due to a longer or permanent physical handicap or disability, the chairperson of the examinations committee for external students can permit

  • the time for the selection interview to be extended or
  • that you render equivalent examination performances in a different form.

You must submit an application in case of hardship or a doctor’s certificate to the chairperson of the examinations committee for external students at the latest three working days before the start of the selection interview.

5.Welcome to ESB Business School!

To the website of the Knowledge Foundation@Reutlingen University

If you have passed the interview and met all the entrance requirements, you will be admitted to the external students‘ examinations. You will subsequently receive all further documents from the Knowledge Foundation.

You will find tips on finding a room or an apartment on Reutlingen University’s website.

For international students: On Reutlingen University’s website you will find information about studying in Germany, our range of preparatory classes, experience reports and a whole lot more.