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Experiences of students and alumni

Nico Schneider

Student since the winter semester 2013/14

What did you do before your course and why did you choose this degree programme?

Before my course in Reutlingen I completed my dual Bachelor’s programme in Information Systems at the DHBW (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University) Stuttgart. The reason for the decision regarding my further career was manifold: On the one hand I definitely wanted to continue my academic career but on the other hand I also wanted to take on responsibility in my job. My decision was mainly influenced by the good feedback from students in advanced semesters as well as the positive rankings. That it turned out to be this degree programme was due solely to content: The combination of modules with a more technically practical focus as well as the economically methodical component perfectly matched my expectations.

Which of the expectations you had of the course were fulfilled and which were not?

Altogether I would say that virtually all the expectations were fulfilled or even “overfulfilled”. But first a few words about the only fly in the ointment: Due to my degree in Information Systems I had already acquired some insights into different topics so that some of the areas in the first semester were often repetition for me. After the foundation lecture blocks were completed, however, it got really exciting. The didactic skills and subject-related knowledge of virtually all of the lecturers were excellent and brought the quality of the lectures to a very high level. Moreover, practical relevance was established by the application-oriented exercises, creating a certain balance.

What do you enjoy about the course and where do you perhaps struggle a little?

I enjoy all the areas of the course. Amazingly, even the extensive papers we have to write (of course only as long as the topic fits, and so far it always has)! I find conceptional and practical work as well as discussions in groups especially about new topics particularly exciting. I found myself struggling a little especially when my job started to become stressful. When university and job are equally demanding and clash, it can sometimes get really tough.

What do you expect of your degree for your professional career?

An advantage in terms of content and knowledge over my fellow students who started their careers straight after completing the bachelor degree. Further, on the basis of the renowned degree, a responsible position and good perspectives for the future.

What would you recommend someone who is also thinking about studying this programme?

To have a good look at the module catalogue and to think about whether the topics match their personal interests and skills. Further, if there is the will to reconcile university and job, the course will be fantastic!

Florian Hoffmann

Student since the winter semester 2014/15

In my view the degree programme is perfect preparation for the profession as a consultant. IT, business management and soft skills are taught in combination with each other – sometimes with a more practical approach, sometimes a more theoretical approach. But never at the expense of creative group work or discussions of content. The programme is rounded off by many guest lectures from specialists and managers from industry.

Cornelius Löffler

Student since the winter semester 2015/16

“The Knowledge Foundation‘s programme is for me as a graduate in computer science the perfect specialist course for working as a consultant in my desired profession in the international IT environment.

I was particularly inspired by the teaching methods in the Master’s programme. In small groups the well selected lecturers address the individual needs of each participant.  

The methods learned during the theoretical units are directly applied in practical case studies, enabling me to transfer what I have learned to my daily work in the company. A perfect fit that combines working and studying“.