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Programme Structure & Content

The programme’s goal lies in providing qualifications that companies expect from their junior managers in the IT department. The focus is on the development of skills that are needed in the IT sector for the management of corporate entities or of IT departments in companies. The course is intended to provide the necessary theoretical basics and practical and social skills, enabling the students to act in an interdisciplinary and application-oriented context in their subsequent careers. Specialisations include essential elements of business management with international aspects as well as process and IT management throughout the entire product life cycle.

To meet this goal the course builds on a three-pillar model that promotes and develops in equal measure technical and business knowledge as well as integrative/ social skills (soft skills):

  • Basics and specialisations in business management and economics include the subjects Sales / Marketing, Innovation and Growth, International Economic Law, International Accounting and Controlling, Corporate Management, Human Resources Management, Consulting.
  • Technical specialisations are included in IT in Corporate Performance Management, IT in Finance / Controlling, IT Services & IT Outsourcing, IT in Product Development Process, Process Management, Knowledge Management, Operation Strategies.
  • Interdisciplinary topics and soft skills are taught directly and indirectly in the subjects Presentation and Scientific Working, Negotiating, Management of International Projects, Leadership and the Business Game.

The course provides the students with a holistic view of management tasks at the interface of technology and business management in companies and organisations in the national and international environment.

  • The programme lasts four semesters (24 months): 3 semesters on a part-time basis plus 1 thesis semester; participants can work for approx. 75% in their companies
  • Attendance modules include 4 to 5 days of lectures each (usually from Wednesday to Saturday); altogether 75 days in the first three semesters
  • 6 months Master’s thesis in the last semester, preferably in cooperation with the employer
  • 90 ECTS points are acquired in the programme, 60 ECTS points in the first three semesters, 30 ECTS for the Master’s thesis in the 4th semester. Graduates from Bachelor programmes with 180 ECTS points can obtain a further 30 ECTS points by completing an additional module.
Modules in the Study Programme
  • Innovation and Consulting (Presentation and Scientific Working, Innovation and Growth, Consulting)
  • Law & Accounting (Int. Economic Law, Int. Accounting & Controlling)
  • Sales and Negotiations (Sales / Marketing, Negotiations )
  • Process and Knowledge Management (Process Management, Knowledge Management)
  • Operations Management (Operation Strategies, Business Game)
  • IT Management in Product Development (IT in the Product Development Process, IT in Corporate Performance Management)
  • Company Management (Company Management, Leadership)
  • International Project and Human Resources Management (Management of international Projects, Human Resources Management)
  • IT Management and Governance (IT Management and Controlling, IT Governance and Compliance)
  • Master’s Thesis with Colloquium