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Experiences of students and alumni

Philippe de Surmont
Philippe de Surmont

graduated in 2012
Chamber of Industry and Commerce Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg,
commercial manager

With the goal of becoming a manager in industry the question at the end of my military service was whether I should continue the path to a career as a specialist or a generalist. As an arts graduate specialised in personnel development and HR management the MBA programme of ESB Business School/UniBw offered me the commercial range I wanted in order to land a job as a generalist in a medium-sized company – and the plan has worked out! Another ace up the sleeve of the MBA for Officers is the modular structure that makes it possible to stay flexible throughout the course both with respect to the military service and the family. The programme contributed significantly to a smooth transition from the army, and I am happy to recommend it!

Jörg Kudella
Jörg Kudella

graduated in 2012
human resources manager

The MBA has already paid off for me in many respects. Firstly it opened up the opportunity for me to add valuable management skills to the knowledge I had acquired in my arts degree course. Secondly, ESB Business School’s wide network enabled me to start networking early on, which was ultimately decisive for my success in finding a job. I was constantly impressed by the teaching and the top-class guest speakers. In my job today not only sound specialist skills matter but also and above all the ability to understand the work of the internal customers. This is the only way to really detect what is feasible in human resources work and to implement it in a way that is profitable for the company. The skills acquired from the MBA are a great help. I can therefore only recommend the course and do so regularly at company contact evenings with the armed forces.

Florian Jordan
Florian Jordan

graduated in 2010
Kienbaum Management Consultants,
project manager

For an arts graduate the change from the army to the world of business is always going to be that bit harder. Therefore I never doubted my decision to do the MBA – and I haven’t regretted it to this day. In view of the great variety of MBA programmes both nationally and internationally, ESB Business School prevailed in my case against other institutions due to its reputation together with its attractive and hands-on content. Excellent lecturers and external speakers provided me with the preparation needed for civilian life working in industry.

Meanwhile, two years have passed which I have spent working in business consulting. More years in this line of business will follow and in retrospect the content of the MBA put me on the right track and the constant exchange of information and ideas with other alumni is an added benefit that should not be underestimated.

I wish the programme all the best for the future and all future alumni a good start outside of the army. The MBA at ESB Business School is a good first step towards this.

Sebastian Dominik Kusch
Sebastian Dominik Kusch

graduated in 2012
H & M Hennes & Mauritz B.V. & Co. KG

Even if you already have a first degree in business management I can only recommend the MBA for Officers. During the distance learning phase I was able to brush up my previous skills and bring them up to date. The actual added value for me followed in the attendance phase. High practical relevance imparted in case studies and by good lecturers, classes taught in English as well as the generic approach of the course were not only an ideal preparation for the successful job application procedure at H&M but are also proved to be extremely valuable in my current job in the Lease Department.

André Kutz
André Kutz

graduated in 2011
McKinsey & Company,

The MBA programme’s good reputation gave me the opportunity to complete an internship at a business consultancy during my studies and to write my Master thesis with the support of an investment bank.

These experiences as well as the very good training in the course formed the major basis for my choice of career. Important for me was above all getting to know the various topics related to operational management in time before making a decision about the way to a civilian career. In this way it was possible for me to prepare myself purposefully for entry into business consulting. I am very much looking forward to working as an associate for the internationally leading top management consulting company McKinsey & Company. Without the MBA programme this would hardly have been imaginable.