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Programme Structure & Content

Learning design

Workshops, e-learning with online tutorials, interdisciplinary team work and mobile learning on tablets at any time and everywhere make for a flexible system that has been developed especially for officers and other professionals.

Order of study

  • 18 months part-time course (e.g. during the period of service) with 6 attendance weekends, also possible in 9 months in fast-track, depending on individual situation
  • 6 months learning in class (after work/sabbatical, …), including approx. 4.5 months intensive compact study weekends (full-time) and 1.5 months for self-study and vacation  
  • 5 months preparation of master thesis (can be combined with company internship or studying abroad) 

Stay abroad

A study or internship abroad is optional:

  • During the distance learning phase you can sign up for summer schools or one- to four-week courses at selected partner universities.
  • After the six-month attendance phase you can attend both summer schools and spend whole terms (semesters) at selected partner universities abroad.  

Course focus

The modules address topics such as financing and cost management, marketing, strategy and organisation, human resources management, business law and economics. A special focus is placed on currently relevant topics such as digitisation. In this way for example the classes on strategy integrate digital business models, the lecture on leadership and change management takes up the topic of transformation to the digital world of work. In logistics Industry 4.0 is analysed and in marketing the focus is on the digital customer journey. For further details about the module titles, please see the module handbook.  (Download folgt – Modulhandbuch wird bis September 2018 überarbeitet).


The MBA International Management is offered in cooperation with the University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich, and the Knowledge Foundation@Reutlingen University (KFRU). The KFRU is the further training foundation at Reutlingen University.   

The programme ends with a degree from Reutlingen University and the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich on the basis of common examination regulations (joint degree).

The lectures are organised by the KFRU and the Institut casc of the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich and given by professors from ESB Business School, the School of Economic and Business Organisation at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich as well as by external professional experts. The programme includes a state-conferred degree (joint degree) and is fully subject to the quality standards of ESB Business School (notably, accreditations).