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Programme Structure & Content

Focus Production
The degree programme Production Management is a production oriented specialised area within the training of Industrial Engineers. Course content is therefore focused on internal product creation and production processes as well as on order processing, organisation and production technology.

From raw material to the customer
Production managers coordinate goods, financial and information flows from raw materials to the customer by organizing, controlling and above all constantly optimising and developing the entire production and distribution chain including the securing of resources, financial planning, market analysis and sales strategy.
In the Production Management degree programme you will also acquire methodological, social and business competence, which, together with scientific, engineering and business skills, are also relevant for the coordination of these complex production processes.

Practical relevance and real internationality
The right balance between theory and practice is guaranteed by the combination of lectures, projects, business games and the close contacts ESB Business School and its teaching staff have to industry. Moreover, an internship is an integral part of the course.
Lectures in English and a firmly integrated semester abroad at one of our many worldwide partner universities ensures the international focus of your degree programme. 

Specialisation in Production or Product Management
in the upper level classes you will choose between the two specialisations Production and Product Management, each of which include business and technical electives.

  • Production Management (closer examination of the production process): with the required subjects Industrial Ecology, Process Management, Basics of Electrical Engineering and Simulation Game Production, as well as electives in the areas of Business Administration (Controlling, HR, Lean Management) and Technology (Measuring and Control Technology, Production Logistics, Automation, Factory Planning)
  • Product Management (focus on the product): with the required subjects Networked Production, Information Management, Sustainable Product Development and Technical Planning Case Production, as well as electives in the areas of Business Administration (International Marketing, Innovation Management, Labour Law) and Technology (Project Management, Procurement and Distribution Logistics, Product Innovation and Product Life Cycle Assessment)

Programme structure

1st SemesterFoundation semester
2nd SemesterFoundation semester
3rd SemesterSpecialisation semester
(including Production Methods, Quality Management, Business Processes)
4th SemesterInternship Corporate Social Responsibility Project
5th SemesterSemester abroad
6th SemesterSpecialisation semester: Production or Product Management
7th SemesterThesis semester (normally in a company)