Programme Structure & Content

Order of study

You will find a detailed description of course contents in the module catalogue.

In the International Operations and Logistics Management degree programme you will learn the fundamental concepts of business management and engineering. A special focus of the degree programme is placed on the international and intercultural aspects of Operations Management and on a comparative view of business and engineering concepts in different regions in the world.

Course of studies

1st semesterFoundation Fundamentals in International Business, Project Management and IT 
2nd semesterFoundation Fundamentals in Financing and Accountancy, Operations Management, Intercultural Management and Engineering 
3rd semesterSpecialisation semester with interdisciplinary project (including Business Processes & Business Data, Quality Management, Industrial Engineering)
4th semesterinternship semester and Corporate Social Responsibility Project
5th semester

Regular Track: Semester abroad (courses coordinated with the partner university)
Double Degree Track: first study semester at the partner university  

6th semester

Regular Track: Internship semester abroad
Double Degree Track: internship semester abroad in the region of the partner university  

7th semester

Regular Track: Specialisation Semester: Intra- or External Logistics
Double Degree Track: Specialisation semester (majors according to courses offered by the partner university)

8th semester

Regular Track: Final semester with integrated Bachelor’s Thesis (usually in a company) and individual project
Double Degree Track: Final semester with integrated Bachelor’s Thesis and individual project at the partner university 

Learn more about all the partner universities for the Regular Track semester abroad in our partner university database.

Our current Double Degree Track partner university is the Faculty of Industrial Management, Universitiy Malaysia Pahang.

Key contents of the course

You will acquire sound knowledge in technical and business administration disciplines and enhance your skills in the field of logistics and supply chain management. At the same time you can choose an individual special field (intra logistics or extra logistics).

In a dynamic, globalised economy it is increasingly not individual companies that compete with each other but closely interlinked supply chains. Success depends not only on one’s own company but also on suppliers and distribution partners. This is why logistics today and in future is a central corporate function that faces new opportunities and risks, more and more efficient information technologies, shortened product life cycles, a high degree of innovation and an increase in the service level, while at the same time meeting the cost targets (customer orientation and cost awareness).

The International Operations and Logistics Management degree programme addresses these topics by enabling the students to acquire the necessary skills. Graduates can manage cross-company communication processes, plan and implement strategic logistics projects from a cross-company perspective, plan, manage and monitor a company’s logistics chain strategically and operationally, manage expanded outsourcing as well as meet or more specifically implement logistical requirements.

International and practical experience

During your bachelor course you will not only acquire theoretical knowledge. You will also gain experience in a practical and international working environment. For this purpose, two internship semesters and a study semester abroad are firmly established in the International Operations and Logistics Management degree programme.

You will gain initial practical experience in the 4th semester by completing an industrial internship at a company in Germany, in a division that matches your degree programme. Valuable contacts both for internships and for subsequent career opportunities can be established through the Career Center at ESB and at the career fairs that take place on the Reutlingen campus every semester.
The first internship semester is followed in the 5th study semester by an internship abroad at one of our over 50 partner universities which are distributed all over the world; the internship provides you with the opportunity not only to develop your professional skills but also to improve your language skills in a different cultural environment.

In order to enhance your skills and experience in an international environment you will complete an internship at a company abroad in the 6th study semester. Here you will be able to draw on abundant resources and directly apply and enhance the practical experience gained in the first internship semester, the theoretical knowledge acquired in your lectures so far as well as your cultural and language skills.
With a wealth of new knowledge and experience you will return to the Reutlingen campus in the 7th study semester for lectures in your chosen specialisation and for your thesis in the 8th semester.

Optional Double Degree

The Double Degree Track in the BSc International Operations and Logistics Management degree programme offers you the opportunity to graduate with an integrated double degree at ESB Business School and at a partner university. The strong international focus provides you with the theoretical foundation and the practical skills that managers in global companies need.

On the Double Degree Track you will study at a partner university from the 5th semester up to and including the 8th semester and graduate with two degrees.

Our current partner universities for the Double Degree Track are

The strategic location in Southeast Asia places the focus on a booming region in which logistics plays an increasingly important role.


  • Integrated curriculum, meaning that the two study programmes are closely coordinated
  • You will acquire specific regional, cultural and language skills
  • Two integrated internship semesters (including at least one abroad)

Application process:

  • Regular application procedure and admission to the BSc International Operations and Logistics Management degree programme
  • Decision to apply for the Double Degree Track in the 2nd semester (internal application process)