ritzenhoefer & company

Cooperation partner

We are a leading management consultancy company with a start-up mentality and a passion for business innovation and digital transformation. We have a dual mission: to deliver excellent and consistent solutions to complex client challenges and to encourage the development of exceptional individuals in an inspiring environment.


The Company

As a leading management consultancy service provider we specialise in strategy, innovation and transformation. We help our clients to develop new markets, establish innovative multi-sector business models and drive technological and organisational change.

Our multidisciplinary teams are the link between the executive floor and the operational level – and the bridge between business and IT. We unite a start-up mentality with first-rate advice. The standards we set for ourselves are high, and we are passionately committed to our clients.

Our head office is in Düsseldorf, and we also have offices in Berlin, Bonn, Stuttgart and Munich.


The Spirit

Our clients are encountering new challenges on a regular basis: climate change, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology, to mention just a few. We help them to overcome those challenges by prioritising a successful outcome for the client over our company’s own interests.

Even when something initially seems impossible, our teams make it possible. They are intelligent and focused people with a powerful work ethic and the motivation to succeed. And if something really isn’t possible, we let the client know. Sometimes, when we’re looking for the best idea, we get into some pretty heated team discussions. That’s because they benefit the project. And it’s our mentality.


The Team

We bring people together: qualified, hungry and with the highest standards for themselves. For each challenge, we form custom-fit, high-performance teams of generalists, experts and executives. Each with their own specific competence, but all with the same goal: to bring out the best for our clients. In this way, the whole becomes more than the sum of all parts.


Become part of our team and develop both personally and professionally. We work fast, with the highest standards and at the same time with maximum freedom for your personal path. Discover with us what you can do, what you want to learn and where your limits are. We are looking for exceptional people for exceptional projects in an exceptional environment. That's how we make the difference. That is ritzenhoefer & company.


In addition to permanent positions, we also offer internships on an ongoing basis, usually for a period of 2-6 months.