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[Translate to English:] Studenten mit Globus an der ESB Business School

International Faculty Members

Many professors at ESB Business School come from abroad or have worked for a long time outside of Germany in an international environment and/or are currently active in international university or company projects. In order to promote international contacts and contents, ESB Business Schools allows regular sabbaticals that our professors use for stays abroad with application-oriented research and study projects.

The involvement of foreign guest professors and lecturers as well as of representatives from industry provides our students with the opportunity to come into contact with international teaching contents and methods.

We appreciate the diversity of our professional staff and the expertise they bring to ESB Business School with their international experience. Staff exchanges and personal development in the area of internationalisation are actively encouraged.

“I love working here with excellent colleagues and students with high intercultural skills. I come from Florida – and so grew up in an international environment – and this is precisely why I feel at home at ESB Business School. Here I can establish contacts with students from all over the world and exchange information with them about our experiences.”

Prof. Yoany Beldarrain, PhD, Professor of Business Communication

“International experience and intercultural competence are crucial for our students. In addition to the general international focus in all of the core modules we encourage students to gather more skills and experience by attending courses at universities all over the world. In cooperation with our partner universities at different locations we offer a wide range of programmes and enjoy working for new opportunities and partnerships for the students.”

Petra Greiner, Project Coordinator DAAD-Project Double Degree Malaysia

“The exceptional thing about ESB Business School’s internationality is that it is not exceptional. For us it is simply normal. With over 30% international students and a large number of lecturers and staff from all corners of the world, what else could be expected.”

Prof. Dr. Dennis De, Professor of Economics, Entrepreneurship

“As a Valparaiso University graduate with German as my major I attended two exchange programmes in Germany, also in Reutlingen. My German-American roots and being a native English speaker give me just the right mix for coordinating our international study programmes.”

Julie Dengler, Degree Programme Coordinator German-American and German-Mexican degree programmes

“I enjoy working with colleagues and students from all corners of the world – it is this international atmosphere that makes my job very special. I think it is crucial for ESB Business School’s success to maintain strategic partnerships and to share experiences with our international partners in order to ensure our high quality standards and excellent reputation as well as open up new horizons and continue to remain competitive.”  

Frauke Greiner, Degree Programme Coordinator BSc Production Management

“Working in such an international environment enhances the teaching experience and broadens your own horizon as well as that of the students’. You may speak languages as well as you like but it is your readiness to open up to variety and diversity that makes all the difference. It is the variety of the cultural backgrounds and ways of thinking that defines us and makes a unique learning experience possible."

Halil Sari, Laboratory International Operations Management