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International Relations

Thinking as many, acting as one

The school strives for sustainable internationalisation by encouraging all entities (central and decentral) to collaborate with one another. International Relations coordinates the international activities of ESB Business School. Each study programme at ESB Business School has its own officers who support and advise students on international matters. At least once a semester representatives from degree programmes and central offices meet in an “internationalisation committee” to discuss international affairs, identify areas of improvement and corrective measures. A combined bottom-up and top-down approach towards internationalisation has been adopted.


International Relations is dedicated within a cross-faculty working group to the following internationalisation goals:

  • supporting the further development of international degree programmes and of the double degree programmes
  • fostering a diverse international community and promoting intercultural competence
  • ensuring sound quality management in internationalisation
  • helping expand the international research networks
  • promoting mobility of teaching staff and international researchers
  • achieving sustainability with respect to internationalisation initiatives
  • developing and supporting an international network of academic and corporate partners

Click here to download ESB's internationalisation strategy (short version). 

Contact us

Joanne Corlett

Joanne CorlettInternationalisation

ESB profile page

Building 17
Room 128
Phone +49 7121 271 3036
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Details of the International Relations officers for individual study programmes can be found in the Student Exchange section.

The Reutlingen International Office is the point of contact for centrally coordinated international programmes and activities at a university level.