27.03.2019 / 19:00

Economic Forum 2019

27 March 2019, 7 pm

I am building you the world the way you like it – algorithms, personalization, parallel worlds?
The filter bubble splits society – this is the conventional wisdom. We have to make the bubble burst to be able to communicate with each other properly again. Brexit, Donald Trump and AfD – all a result of parallel worlds created by algorithms? Even the Minister of Justice has now entered the fray and is challenging the filter bubble. But what exactly is the filter bubble and does it really exist?   

The 23rd economic forum would like to find out whether personalized contents really divides society into co-existing parallel worlds, how this influences our opinions and what economic consideration is behind the personalization of contents.

This will include among other things finding answers to the following questions:

Are we living today in parallel worlds created by algorithms? What economic value is created by personalized contents? Does hyperpersonalization think for us? Are people only shown what they want to see? Will we still be confronted with different opinions in future?

The following experts will discuss this controversial topic:

Marc Biadacz: Member of Parliament CDU

Holger Geißler: DCORE GmbH

Gerhard Märtterer: Founder of AlphaPicture

Ann Cathrin Riedel: Founder of the agency UP DIGITAL MEDIA, Chairwoman of LOAD e.V.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schweiger: Head of the department "Communication Science in particular interactive media and online communication" at the University of Hohenheim

Moderator:  Dr Andrea Despot, head of the European Academy Berlin  

The public panel discussion will take place as part of the general studies programme (studium generale) at the Reutlingen universities.

The Economic Forum’s organisation team is made up of students from different semesters.
You will find up-to-date information on the ESB Economic Forum’s Facebook page.



Date: 27.03.2019 19:00 - 21:00
Venue: AulaSave event