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Hazel Grünewald

Prof. Dr. Hazel GrünewaldOrganisational Behaviour

Office Hours: by appointment - online

ESB profile page

Building 17
Room 005
Tel. +49 7121 271 3074
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Role and Responsibilities
  • International Relations Officer for the Industrial Engineering degree programmes (Bachelor programmes) and MBA
  • Languages Officer for the Industrial Engineering degree programmes
Focus of Lectures
  • Organisational behaviour & leadership
  • Cross-disciplinary simulations & online learning
  • Managing global teams
  • International negotiations
  • Intercultural business communication
  • Diversity management
Current Research Projects
  • Professor for Organisational Behaviour at ESB Business School
  • Global Training Program Manager, Sofia, Bulgaria (Hewlett-Packard Global Delivery Bulgaria Center EOOD)
  • Corporate Training Manager, Sofia, Bulgaria (Aplus.Net)
  • Communication  trainer for managers and experts throughout Germany (e.g. Bosch, Siemens, Carl Zeiss, Boston Consulting, Ernst & Young, LBBW, DIBA, VAW)Human resources officer in global human resources development (focus: International Management Development Program), Ludwigsburg (MANN+HUMMEL GmbH)
  • Corporate Training Manager, Sofia, Bulgaria (Aplus.Net)
  • Global Training Program Manager, Sofia, Bulgaria (Hewlett-Packard Global Delivery Bulgaria Center EOOD)
  • 10/2009 Appointed professor of "Anglo-American Studies" at Reutlingen University
  • 2014: Fellowship for innovative teaching with the programme „Exzellenz in der Lehre" (Excellence in teaching) (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft/ Baden-Württemberg Stiftung) (Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany)

    GHD-funding for Quest 3C Project: a technology-supported simulation aimed at developing team competencies with the help of modern collaboration, communication and presentation tools. Part of an initiative to professionalise teaching in highe education against the backdrop of university expansion.


  • GrünewaldH. and Bradbury, A. (2004). PONS GET (Global English Training) Classroom Book and Trainer’s Notes for B1 intermediate. Klett Verlag.


Book chapters:

  • Taschner, A., & Gruenewald, H. (2021). Digitalization in global supply chain operations. In E. Sweeney, & D. Waters (Eds.), Global Logistics: New Directions in Supply Chain Management, (pp. 358-381). Kogan Page.
  • Grünewald, H., Kneip, P., & Kozica, A. (2019). The Use of Gamification in Workplace Learning to Encourage Employee Motivation and Engagement. In V. Hammler Kenon, & S. Vasant Palsole (Eds.), The Wiley Handbook of Global Workplace Learning, (pp. 557-575). John Wiley & Sons.
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  • Grünewald, H., (2015). Quality-oriented selection of university partnerships – ESB Business School’s selection matrix. In S. Fuchs (Ed.), Building upon international success, The HRK-Audit „Internationalisation of Universities“ – Advancing Strategic Internationalisation, (pp. 36-37). German Rectors' Conference
  • Grünewald, H., (2015). Qualitätsorientierte Auswahl von Hochschulpartnerschaften. Der Kriterienkatalog der ESB Business School. In T. Böhm et al. (Eds.), Auf internationale Erfolge aufbauen: Beispiele guter Internationalisierungspraxis an deutschen Hochschulen, Hochschulrektorenkonferenz HRK-Audit „Internationalisierung der Hochschulen“ und Internationale Abteilung, (pp. 46-47). Hochschulrektorenkonferenz.
  • Gruenewald, H., (2011). Diversity Management – von Wertschätzung zur Wertschöpfung. Lebenslinien Diversity an der Hochschule Reutlingen, (pp.. 6-7). Hochschule Reutlingen.
  • Gruenewald, H., (2010). What is academic writing? Developing paragraphs, definitions, classification, exemplification; Developing a thesis statement; Graphs, charts & tables. In D. Mackevett et al. (Eds.). Academic Writing C1. Teaching Guide. Cornelsen Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-87520-315-9.
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  • Gruenewald, H., (2003). Evgenii L’vovich Shvarts (1896-1958), In C. Ryder, (Ed.), Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol 272: Russian Prose Writers Between the World Wars, (pp. 409-418).





  • Grünewald, H., Sweeney, E. & Taschner, A. (2020). An empirical investigation into the impact of digitalization on global supply chains [Conference presentation]. e-LRN Special Web Conference: Sustainable and resilient supply chains during crises. 9 - 11 September 2020, Cardiff University
  • Grünewald, H. (2020). Ecosystem for Sustainable Development: Dealing with Collaboration Challenges and Opportunities [Conference presentation]. 5th ICMEM 2020, 3-5 August, 2020, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
  • Grünewald, H. (2019). Praxisbeispiel: Internationalisierungsmaßnahmen an der ESB Business School [Konferenzbeitrag]. Wirkungsanalyse von Internationalisierungsmaßnahmen - DAAD, 5-6 November, 2019, Bonn, Germany
  • Grünewald, H. (2019). Internationalising curricula: diverse approaches [Konferenzbeitrag]. 17th Annual BMDA Conference: Cultural Sensitivity and Local Contribution in Business and Education, 3-5 April, 2019, Casablanca, Africa
  • Grünewald, H. (2019). Master of ceremony. 3rd International Business Engineering Conference (IBEC), Reutlingen University, 11 November, 2019, Reutlingen, Germany
  • Brumme, H. and H. Grünewald (2018). Key technologies and their impact on the current business and academic environment: The human being and industry 4.0 [Keynote speech]. 2nd International Business Engineering Conference (IBEC): Business Engineering and Industry 4.0 in a Global Economy. 9 -10 August. Bali, Indonesia
  • Grünewald, H.  (2018). Aligning business engineering education with contemporary industry [Conference presentation], Business Engineering and Industry 4.0 in a Global Economy. 9 -10 August. Bali, Indonesia
  • Grünewald, H. (2018). Developing Self-Efficacy in Education: The Game Is On [TEDx presentation], TEDxUMPahang – YouTube, available at 
  • Grünewald, H. (2018). Developing Self-Efficacy in Education [Keynote speech]. 3rd postgraduate colloquium, FIM Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 4-5 July, 2018, Kuantan, Malaysia
  • Grünewald, H. (2016). Implementing meaningful criteria [Conference presentation]. "Internationalisierung der Curricula an Hochschulen" (01.-03.11.2016), 03.11.2016, Göttingen.
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  • Grünewald, H. (2015). Quest 3C – Playing with Seamless and Disruptive Learning in an Interdisciplinary Setting [Konferenzbeitrag]. 4. Lehr-/Lernkonferenz im Rahmen des Programms „Fellowships für Innovationen in der Hochschullehre“ zum Thema „Smart Teaching – Better Learning! Digitales Lehren und Lernen an Hochschulen“, 29.10.2015, Berlin.
  • Grünewald, H. und Greiner, P., (2014). Quest 3C: an integrative simulation game used to encourage cross-disciplinary thinking and action [Konferenzbeitrag]. 12th Annual BMDA Conference “A Successful 21st Century Organization”. 7 - 9  May 2014. Riga, Latvia.
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  • Grünewald, H. (2014). Quest 3C: Kooperation, Kommunikation, Präsentation ohne Grenzen [Konferenzbeitrag]. Fellowtreffen im Rahmen des Fellowship für Innovationen in der Hochschullehre, 07.02 bis 08.02.2014, Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, Strätlingshof Bochum.
  • Grünewald, H., (2013). Quality assurance and the rationale behind internationalisation. The case of ESB Business School, Reutlingen University [Conference presentation]. Internationalisation in Higher Education ConferencePrague, Czech Republic on the 25 - 26.04.2013.
  • Grünewald, H. (2012). Qualitätsmanagement und Internationalisierung [Konferenzbeitrag]. HRK-Konferenz - Erfolgreich internationalisieren!Internationalität von Hochschulen erheben, bewerten und weiterentwickeln. 11. – 12. Dezember 2012. Bonn, Deutschland.