29.04.2019 | Logistics Learning Factory, Research

5G is coming to ESB Business School

Reutlingen Center Industry 4.0 is a partner of the state project ”Transfer Center 5G for SMEs“

Fast and flexible - the “Transfer Center 5G for SMEs” wants SMEs to benefit from the new communication standard.

By: Katrin Reil

5G is the communication standard of the future – above all in industry. Wireless connections with high bandwidth and real-time transmission are a basic prerequisite for progressive digitisation. So that small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) can also be involved in this process at an early stage, the state of Baden-Württemberg  is sponsoring the development of the “Transfer Center 5G for SMEs” with five million euros over a period of three years as part of its “digital@bw” digitisation strategy. The Reutlingen Center Industry 4.0 (RZI 4.0) at ESB Business School at Reutlingen University is one of the five project partners. 

In the ESB logistics learning factory, which is moving this year to a new building on the Reutlingen campus, a 5G test environment is being created as part of the project – one of the first in the state of Baden-Württemberg and the first to be open to the public to this extent. “The focus in Reutlingen will be on logistics applications as well as on the identification and development of new business areas for SMEs“, says Professor Dr Daniel Palm, director of the RZI 4.0.

In the test environment small and medium-sized companies can realise so called exploring projects to develop 5G solutions free of charge in order to examine the possibilities provided by the new communication standard. For this purpose demonstrators among other things are being developed that show the industrial applications for 5G in companies. ”This may be a large sensor network, for example, capable of monitoring logistics processes, enhanced control mechanisms for machines or visualisation systems for large data volumes”, says Palm. The RZI 4.0 is not only responsible for the test environment in Reutlingen but also for the demonstrators in the overall project

The exploring projects will start after 5G has been implemented in the ESB logistics learning factory and the other test environments. The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) is responsible for the coordination of the “Transfer Center 5G for SMEs“. Application deadlines for SMEs will be publicly announed on the RZI 4.0 website.