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Transfer Platform Baden-Wuerttemberg Industry 4.0

With the financial support of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, the universities of applied sciences in Aalen, Reutlingen and Esslingen, together with the Steinbeis Foundation, have set up the Transfer Platform Baden-Württemberg Industry 4.0.

Against a backdrop of the innovation and digitisation gaps between large enterprises on the one hand and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the other, it is the objective of the common transfer platform to highlight the chances for the technologies referred to under the banner „Industry 4.0”, especially to SMEs in Baden Württemberg, and to pave the way for workable projects.  

This involves in particular the digital networking of machinery and plant with edge cloud and cloud technology, making intelligent self-organised production possible. The focus here is on the topics of sensors and actuatorics, smart factory data and simulation, system competence in Industry 4.0, human-machine interaction, big data, data mining and data security as well as digital business models and potential benefits of Industry 4.0.

By bundling the respective specialist competencies of the three different universities as well as of the transfer expertise of the Steinbeis organisation solutions of practical relevance will be found, pushing the competitiveness of the regional SMEs. 

The set-up of Industry 4.0 labs for demonstration purposes will show the enterprises the opportunities and form the basis for a common definition of requirement specifications.  

You can find further information on the website of the Transfer Platform Baden-Württemberg Industry 4.0