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Netzwerk HAW Kenia

The HAW Kenya network consists of six universities of applied sciences (HAW) from all over Germany. These are characterised by a high degree of internationality , a strong focus on Africa and an already existing diversity in academic and practice-related contacts to Kenya and the East African region. With the help of eleven packages of measures, the following targets are pursued:  

  • Introducing Kenyan university teachers and young scientists to the German model of the university of applied sciences and the way of teaching.
  • Identifying the needs of the relevant Kenyan stakeholders
  • Building and intensifying personal and institutional contacts between Germany and Kenya
  • Strengthening mutual intercultural understanding

By way of stakeholder mapping, a needs analysis, a SWOT analysis as well as a kick-off meeting and several follow-up meetings, key requirements are to be created with the Kenyan partner organisations so that in a thematically closely coordinated series of workshops and summer schools in Kenya and Germany (area of responsibility of ESB Business School, Reutlingen University), both the legal and organisational aspects of the HAW model as well as university and subject-specific aspects of teaching at the HAWs can be imparted accurately to Kenyan actors.       

This training programme will be accompanied by visits by Kenyan doctoral students to the German universities involved in the project and by two events in Kenya and Germany for the building and expansion of research networks and the International Association of Business Engineering Professionals IABEP (area of responsibility of ESB Business School, Reutlingen University). The technical focus will be on the engineering sciences, informatics, business sciences and life sciences.