Date: 20.07.2020
Time: 13:00 - 15:45
Venue: ZOOM (You will receive dial-in details after registration. A microfone is advantageous.)
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20.07.2020 / 13:00

Digtial Hub Workshop: Introduction and Possible Use of 5G Technology in Industrial Environments

  • Do you know what is behind 5G technology and do you already know areas of application for 5G?
  • Do you know different application examples for 5G in production and logistics and can you imagine in which areas 5G can be used in your enterprise?

At the beginning of the workshop you will receive an introductory talk on 5G technology in which 5G technology will be presented, existing areas of application of 5G will be shown and several examples of applications for 5G in production and logistics will be described. Following the introductory talk, you will develop possible application scenarios for 5G, which could be relevant and interesting for your own enterprise, in a workshop. Finally, the application scenarios will be collected and you will be shown how to implement 5G application scenarios in your enterprise with the help of funded projects.   There will also be opportunities for discussion and an exchange of ideas.

Aims of the presentation

  • To get to know 5G technology
  • To demonstrate already existing areas of application of 5G technology
  • To develop possible 5G application scenarios for your enterprise

Costs: The event is free of charge. The number of participants is limited.

Registration:  Registration for the online workshop is now possible using the online form (deadline is two days before the event begins)

Target group: Company employees from the production area as well as specialists and managers of small and medium-sized companies

Duration: 165 minutes

Speakers: Ali Turgut, Julian Hermann & Fabian Dietrich

Venue: Online workshop (webinar) via ZOOM (You will receive dial-in details after registration. Please note that a microfone is advantageous for this workshop.)

Organiser: Reutlingen University in cooperation with the Reutlingen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) as part of the Digital Hub Neckar-Alb & Sigmaringen and the 5G4KMU research project