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Date: 20.05.2022
Time: 09:00 - 13:00
Venue: Auditorium of Reutlingen University, building 6
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20.05.2022 / 09:00

Conference: Digital Transformation

The wide-spread use of new methods, digital tools and systems is fundamentally changing production and logistics. In order to respond to this change with innovative, practical digitisation solutions, ESB Business School at Reutlingen University is organising the conference on Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Logistics as part of DigitalDays 2022. To support future research scientists and recognise their research activities, the authors of the best presentation will receive prize money of 1,000 euros.

Furthermore, interested companies are very welcome to present their own innovative solutions and real-world examples during the conference.


  • Production Systems
  • Digital Transformation and Smart Products
  • Enterprise Design and Organisational Change
  • Future of Work and Work Design
  • Digital Factory
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Circular Economy
  • Assistance Systems and Robotics
  • Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Digital twins, IoT and Simulation
  • AI Applications
  • Predictive Maintenance

Submission deadlines

Abstracts (not more than 100 words)25 March 2022
Notification of authors30 March 2022
Final version (4-6 pages)22 April 2022
Notification of authors29 April 2022
Submission of final version13 May 2022

Day of conference: 20 May 2022, 9.00 to 13.00

Venue: Auditorium of Reutlingen University, building 6

Abstracts have to be submitted by e-mail. Final versions have to be uploaded on our conference tool.

Template for paper submission

Paper language: English

Flyer on the event

Flyer on the event for companies

Information presentations and poster:

  •  Presentation duration paper: 15 min
  • Presentation language paper: German, exception: students who do not speak German are allowed to present in English.
  • Both on-site and online presentations are planned. Please note that it is not possible to play recorded presentations.
  • During the breaks the poster session will take place.
  • Duration of company presentations: 20 min
  • Companies are free to choose whether to use their own or the presentation template, also the language of the presentation can be chosen freely.

Interested companies are kindly requested to contact us by e-mail.

Conference chairs

​Prof. Anja Braun

Prof. Dominik Lucke