Date: 05.02.2020
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Venue: Reutlingen University, werk150, Building 21
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05.02.2020 / 14:00

Digital Hub Workshop: Design Thinking

Design thinking, a creative method for the generation of innovative ideas and products

  • You are sure to have heard of design thinking
  • What does design thinking have to do with the user-centered approach to developing products and business models?  
  • What does user experience mean?
  • Can it help to drive innovation in companies?

Design thinking is a creativity and problem solving method which is oriented to the way designers* think and work. The method originated in Silicon Valley (USA) at the turn of the millennium, was further developed at Stanford University and in 2007 brought to the University of Potsdam by Hasso Plattner, the founder of SAP. Since then, research projects and workshops on specific applications from industry have been conducted at the Hasso Plattner Institute. With this creative and highly user-centered method it is possible to generate innovative ideas on different problems in multidisciplinary groups and within a tight timeframe. By building simple prototypes these ideas can be visualised and easy to grasp. In this workshop you will learn the techniques of fast idea generation and of fast prototyping.

Aims of the workshop:

  • To get to know and pass through the iterative design thinking process
  • To get to know the user-centered approach in industrial applications
  • To generate ideas and implement them in simple prototypes
  • To get to know successful practical examples from industry

Length: 180 min

Speaker: Sabine Högsdal, Diplom-Designerin (FH)

You can download a campus plan here Campusplan der Hochschule Reutlingen.

Registration for the workshop is now possible per Email.