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Alumni Association: Creating Links

The ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. (Alumni association) was formed on 5 April 2009 and with over 4,200 alumni and students of ESB Business School is now one of the strongest alumni networks in Germany. The ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V. is an independent association, even though it has of course close ties to ESB Business School.

The non-profit association promotes science and research at ESB Business School as well as professional training for the School’s students and alumni.

ESB Business School cooperates very closely with the Alumni Association and supports it in many activities. Conversely, the ESB Reutlingen Alumni Association e.V. contributes to an active life at the School.

Especially the students, who can become a part of this community during their studies, profit from this stable partnership. Our alumni regularly exchange ideas and information with the students, providing tips for developing their careers and helping to establish contacts.

  • Active recruiting: Partner companies and companies in which alumni are employed offer jobs and internships  
  • Worldwide “Stammtische“ (regular meetings) for graduates of ESB Business School
  • Alumni coaching, Forum Alternative Career Perspectives or Graduate Studies Forum
  • Social Networking Internet Platform:
  • The “Europolitan“ – the magazine for all members (4 x yearly)

Visit the website of ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V.

Become a member of ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V.​​​​​​​

Office ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V.

Natalia Sevastianova

Natalia Sevastianova, M.A.ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V.

ESB profile page

Building 17
Room 127
Phone +49 7121 271 3012
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Areas of Responsibility
  • Head of ESB Reutlingen Alumni Office
  • Coordinates the collaboration of the Alumni Association with ESB Business School
  • Editorial management of the alumni magazine Europolitan
  • Involvement in university alumni work