15.05.2018 | BSc International Logistics and Operations Management (IOLM)

Double visit

Guest lecturer Dr Yudo Anggoro and students from Indonesia at ESB Business School

By: Katrin Reil

Fascinating, interesting and a completely new experience was the verdict of the five visiting students from the School of Business and Management at the Institute Teknologi Bandung (SBM ITB) who visited ESB Business School at the end of April as part of an excursion on  ”Cross Cultural and Conflict Management“. A tightly packed programme awaited the group which they completed partly together with German students from the BSc International Operations and Logistics Management programme. Lectures and discussions with expats alternated with excursions in and around Reutlingen as well as a visit to TUBEX, a packaging manufacturer located in Rangendingen. After a week the students drew a positive conclusion in an interview with Professor Dr Andreas Taschner, Dean of ESB Business School. The only thing that needed getting used to in Germany was the weather which at 15 degrees was springlike by German standards but clearly too chilly for the Indonesians.    

Dr Yudo Anggoro also experienced the contrast to Indonesia’s tropical climate. He not only led and accompanied the student group from SBM ITB but is currently staying for a longer time at ESB Business School. He is also from ESB’s renowned partner university and is Deputy Director of the campus in Jakarta. At SBM ITB his teaching and research activities include business ethics, business leadership, business economics and cross-cultural management.

From March until the end of May Dr Anggoro is teaching at ESB Business School in the three degree programmes BSc International Operations and Logistics Management, BSc International Business and BSc Production Management. His lectures deal with intercultural management, international organization and human resource and organization behaviour. He has noticed distinct differences between German and Indonesian students:  The study trip of the Indonesian students to ESB Business School had many benefits, as they learned a lot about German culture and work ethics, e.g. about the efficiency of the Germans in using their time, the direct communication in Germany and how regulations were strictly implemented in the society in terms of transportation, education, and small-medium scale industries. On the other hand, the German students learned about the Indonesian culture during class activities and interaction among them. They learned that in terms of decision making, Indonesian people prefer to have a consensus building since the society values collectivism more than individualism. This practice of sharing among students who have different backgrounds is good to understand each other's cultural challenges. The interaction between Indonesian students and IOLM students went well, as the IOLM students are so nice and they happily introduced the German culture to the Indonesian students.”

The international atmosphere at ESB and the support he has received from the Dean’s Office and colleagues helped him a lot when starting in Reutlingen, Anggoro says. And with a twinkle in his eye he adds that his temporary home also has other advantages: ”Reutlingen is a typical German city where the population is not that large but you can find almost everything in the city. It also has some cultural spots where people, especially foreigners, can interact with local people. The foods are nice too, and I have tried the delicious local Swabian food here.“

As part of the international guest lecturer programme ESB Business School regularly welcomes guest lecturers from abroad. ESB and SBM ITB will intensify their relations in the future by offering a double degree programme.