International Block Seminar

Guest lecturers from Finland, Ireland and the Netherlands bring internationality on campus

During the ninth international block seminar of the study programme BSc International Business both new and well-known faces were to be seen at ESB Business School. From 23 until 27 October guest lecturers Prof. Joe Daly from Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, Prof. Nico Koomen from HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and Prof. Markus Kräkin from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland, gave seminars in the electives for students in their 5th semester. While Prof. Daly and Prof. Koomen regularly hold their seminar at ESB Business School, Prof. Markus Kräkin was in Reutlingen for the first time, further broadening the international teaching community at ESB. In addition to the international experience students gain during their study or internship abroad, the block seminar week is an excellent opportunity to bring internationalisation to the campus. Students gain valuable, fresh insight into current international developments in education and business, inspiring an international thought-provoking environment.

Whilst Prof. Daly gave new input through lectures and interactive case studies in the field of “Business Marketing and Professional Selling”, Prof. Koomen had the students play an “Investment Game” and lectured about up-to-date topics in the area of “Portfolio Management”. Prof Kräkin enhanced the students’ knowledge in the subject “Strategic leadership and decision-making under uncertainty”, taking them out of the classroom environment and into the reality of the streets of Reutlingen and Tübingen.

The block seminar week is a highlight of the semester. In addition to teaching, the guest lecturers also have the opportunity to get to know the region and the Swabian cuisine. The next block seminar week will take place in April 2018.