Live on air: Dr. Rob Britton

Dr. Rob Britton, former head of Marketing at American Airlines, visited ESB Business School

Dr. Rob Britton, ehemaliger Marketing-Chef von American Airlines, bei seinem Vortrag an der ESB Business School der Hochschule Reutlingen. / Dr. Rob Britton, former head of Marketing at American Airlines, visited ESB Business School.

By: Lena Jauernig

Upon invitation of ESB Professor Oliver Götz, Dr. Rob Britton, former marketing director of American Airlines, recently visited ESB Business School at Reutlingen University.

Britton is a welcome guest in Reutlingen: In recent years he has given several lectures to students. Once again, the aviation and leadership expert gave an inspirational presentation. "Ten Pieces of Advice for Graduating Students: Ideas for Real Life" was the title of his talk.

Dr. Britton, who spent 22 years with American Airlines, gave the audience insights into the specifics of the aviation industry. The main part of his lecture, however, he devoted suggestions for the career and life after graduation.

On one of the first presentation slides, students read: "Find a business that energizes you, that fills you with a sense of purpose, mission, and passion". He also encouraged students to embrace change, to critically question things, to acquire a broad knowledge through reading, to always keep an eye on the "big picture" and to respect values. A good work-life balance, friendships and contacts are equally important in his eyes.

For those who missed the lecture or want to learn more about Rob Britton: During one of his former visits, he gave ESB Professors Oliver Götz and Tobas Schütz an interesting interview. The video below presents excerpts from this interview.