Networking of Universities and Medium-sized Enterprises

Digital Hub Neckar-Alb and Sigmaringen officially opened

How can the state of Baden-Württemberg position itself successfully in the age of digitisation and at the same time get small and medium-sized enterprises on board? One answer to this question is Digital Hubs, digitisation centers funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Economic Affairs. The Digital Hub Neckar-Alb and Sigmaringen is co-supported by ESB Business School at Reutlingen University. At the end of July Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, the Minister for Economic Affairs, presented the notification of funding amounting to nearly one million euros.

“It is our clear aim to ensure that Baden-Württemberg continues to remain a leading innovation and business location in the digital age. This can only be achieved, however, if our small and medium-sized enterprises do not lag behind in the development of digitisation. With the Digital Hubs we are creating the perfect medium for inspiration and innovation. We are providing the companies with diverse opportunities for information, networking and cooperation, including targeted support for the implementation of digital projects. In this way we are further promoting the advancement of digitisation in the region as a whole”, Dr Hoffmeister-Kraut said during the opening ceremony in Reutlingen.  

The DNS, the Digital Hub Neckar-Alb and Sigmaringen, is one of ten regional competence centers where knowledge and information related to digitisation are concentrated. Special events will make it available to both industry and the general public.

Reutlingen University, together with Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, the cities of Reutlingen, Albstadt and Sigmaringen, the counties of Tübingen and Zollernalbkreis, in a consortium led by the Reutlingen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is part of the DNS. The aim of the hub is to develop new, attractive and target-group oriented offers for both small and medium-sized enterprises and the public and to link digitisation actors from different economic sectors, research and public administration. Existing and new digitisation activities in the Neckar-Alb region and in Sigmaringen can be presented here in a structured and transparent manner and companies provided with support when starting digitisation projects

Each of the investment partners involved has their own focal areas within the hub. The focus of ESB Business School at Reutlingen University is digitisation in production and logistics as well as the development of digital business models. You will find further information on the Projektseite des Digital Hub.

The first two events of the Neckar-Alb and Sigmaringen Digital Hub at Reutlingen University will take place ESB Business School on 28 August and 26 September. The target group is primarily small and medium-sized enterprises.