230 new IMX-Students arrive at ESB Business School

Reutlingen's Deputy Mayor Alexander Kreher welcomes the BSc International Management Double Degree freshers

The students of "International Management Double Degree" with their professor Dr. Jörg Naeve (left) and mayor Alexander Kreher (right). Photo: Reutlingen University.

Jessica Stepanek

Alexander Kreher, Deputy Mayor of Reutlingen, welcomed 230 students in the first and fifth semester of the BSc International Management Double Degree programme in Reutlingen's townhall. While some of them have already completed four semesters at an international partner university, others are eager to start their studies.

In his welcome speech, Kreher invited the newcomers to get to know the city of Reutlingen as well as Reutlingen University. "You have a wonderful campus, but don´t hesitate to come and see what Reutlingen has to offer. The quality of life is excellent , with pubs, many shopping opportunities and attractive cultural offerings," says Kreher. After two years in Reutlingen, the International Management Double Degree students move to one of ESB's partner universities to complete the second part of their studies. A total of eleven different links are available to choose from: USA/Canada, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, China, Brazil, France, Mexico, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Kreher also emphasised the importance of Reutlingen as a prospering business region. There are many reasons for students to stay here after graduating. The density of strong companies from a wide variety of sectors such as medical technology, textile industry or automotive is unique. In this strong economic centre, students can benefit from ESB's cooperation with small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations during and after their educational training. The graduates of the International Management Double Degree programme are attractive candidates for local employers. They acquire two degrees - the Bachelor of Science from Reutlingen University and an academic degree from the international partner university. The four-year study programme also integrates two practical semesters, one of which is spent abroad.

The welcoming words by Deputy Mayor Alexander Kreher created a relaxed atmosphere among the 230 students and set the course for a successful time at ESB Business School.