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Digital Transformation in companies

Master’s students at the Management Workshop Week of corporate partners of ESB

By Martina Traub-Kaiser, M.A., degree programme coordinator IBD / IACT

“What does the customer really need?“ or “What are the strategies we can use to tackle complex customer journeys?” During the Management Workshop Week the students of the master’s degree programmes MSc International Business Development (IBD) and MSc International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation (IACT) dealt intensively with the complex topics of digital transformation. In specialist lectures and with numerous practical examples the corporate representatives demonstrated the impact of the ongoing processes of change. While working on case studies, the students became aware of diverse facets and worked among other things using the design thinking method. The issues arose from real-life projects conducted by the companies.

Discussions on payment systems in a supermarket or on how digital technologies reinvent the shopping experience made the related cultural change more visible. During the case studies the corporate representatives provided the students with technical advice and assistance. The experts naturally gave constructive feedback after the presentations of the results.

The four days outside the normal lectures allowed insights, dialogues as well as intensive work on the topics which would not have been possible to this extent in everyday student life. The added value of the workshop days was reflected in the feedbacks: “The time the companies took for us was amazing“, “I got to know a lot of companies that were new to me and am impressed by the insights we were offered”, “As for the topics, we were picked up at a level that was ideal for us.” The ESB alumni also contributed to this by answering the students‘ questions not only about technical matters but also about their career paths after studying at ESB Business School.

The Management Workshop is both an example of the active practical relevance of the course but also of  the ESB Business School’s excellent networking with prestigious companies in the most varied of industries. We would like to express our appreciation to the four participating companies, Ritzenhoefer & Company, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG, Schwarz Dienstleistung KG and Capgemini Invent, for their great commitment and their generous hospitality.