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Taster days for prospective students

Around 1,000 visitors discover the campus

After finishing school, go to university– but what should I study? Is ESB Business School the right place for me? Do I have the right qualifications to study? Semester abroad – sounds great, but what do you need to think of? How do I get a place at university? And how will I find an internship later? All of these questions were of great relevance for the prospective students at this year’s study info day. Lectures and workshops, individual advisory services and guided campus tours provided a sound decision-making basis. 

All four schools opened their lecture rooms and labs especially for the keen young visitors. Matters became really specific at the information fair and the chance to get first-hand advice. ESB presented its bachelor degree programmes in the assembly hall. This was the right platform for informative conversations. Students, staff and teachers answered the questions asked by the prospective students. Those who already knew what direction they want to take had the opportunity to ask for details about the requirements and course contents at the presentations of the four ESB bachelor degree programmes.     

The visitors were able to get a first impression of student life at the sample lectures and practical workshops. Professor Yoany Beldarrain lectured on "Business communication in the context of international business", Professor Bernd Banke gave a sample lecture on the topic of “Principles of corporate culture using the example of the VW Group” and Professor Dr Maud Schmiedeknecht explained in a workshop how the idea for a start-up evolves.

Needless to say, the information provided by the students is particularly sought-after. At the events “Student life: students from the International Business degree programme report on their everyday university life“ – and “Study semester or internship abroad – prospective business engineers report on their experiences”, the visitors were able to ask the questions that were particularly relevant to them. The campus tours, carried out by students, also provided a good opportunity to obtain  information directly.   

The study info day, a state-wide event, has for over 20 years traditionally taken place at all universities in Baden-Württemberg on Buß-und Bettag (Day of Repentance and Prayer). Moreover, in Reutlingen this day also sees the start of the annual Reutlingen Wissenswoche (Knowledge Week). It offers after the study info day other interesting events, for example there is a lecture on the topic of autonomous driving within the General Studies programme. This week the knowledge week ends on Saturday 23 November with the university’s open day, which you are very welcome to attend with its many exciting activities and experiences for young and old alike.