Welcome on Campus!

92 freshers of BSc International Business start their studies at ESB Business School

The new IB freshers have arrived on campus!

Jessica Stepanek

Moving, new faces, lectures, library and canteen - an exciting new phase of life begins for this year's new students. In the winter semester 2019/20, 92 first-year students enrolled in the BSc International Business programme. Since some of ESB Business School's bachelor's programmes are based on the international university calendar, the newcomers are starting their studies early.

During the so-called Orientation Days, young people from a total of 17 different nationalities are mentored by programme coordinators and students from higher semesters as they take their first steps on campus. Their future professors are also introducing themselves: Prof. Dr. Andreas Taschner, Dean of ESB Business School, welcomed the new students in the auditorium. Prof. Hans-Martin Beyer, acting Dean of Studies at IB and Prof. Dr. Yoany Beldarrain, Head of Languages, presented the study programme and language courses. Throughout the next days, the new students will get to know Reutlingen University and the activities of ESB's Student Network. They will also have plenty of time to talk to and get to know their fellow students. Well equipped with new knowledge of student life it's about time for the new semester to start!

What are the students looking forward to? "I hope to meet a lot of new people. Recently I moved into an English-speaking living community. I'm curious to see how "Living and Learning" works in everyday life. The many different nationalities of my fellow students inspire me. I'm also very interested in the activities surrounding my studies. And yes - I am looking forward to learning. Further education and preparation for my profession is important to me," says Katharina. Her fellow student Ida from Sweden has similar goals: "I want to achieve something. The study programme will support me in this.

We wish all of our new BSc IB students a great, happy and successful time at ESB!