Competency Development for 'Factory of Future'

International experts from Industry and Academia engage in lively online exchange

Industry 4.0 (I 4.0) is often coined “the next industrial revolution”. It constitutes a paradigm shift for production and logistics of the future. In cooperation with its partners FESTO Competence Centre for Digitalisation, Technology and Innovation (CDTI) Singapore, Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia and the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the International Association of Business Engineering Professionals (IABEP) ran a webinar on Industry 4.0 concepts and its impact on professional training and business practice.

More than 60 experts from Europe and South East Asia joined the webinar to discuss digitalisation and the resulting paradigm shift in manufacturing and logistics towards `Factory of Future (FoF) and Logistics 4.0”.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Taschner, professor at ESB Business School, Reutlingen University, Germany and Chairman of IABEP e.V. presented selected results of IABEP’s international study on the adoption of digital technologies in global supply chains. Volker Schmid and Fou Teck Kong from Festo Didactic presented the megatrends in Industry 4.0 and its effects on all areas of training. Both speakers highlighted that digitalisation is not an end in itself: “If you apply digital to a broken thing, you will have a digital broken thing!” Digital technologies must be understood and mastered by employees in order to achieve process improvements and increase customer benefits. Markus Wächter from TUM Asia discussed Singapore’s specific approach towards Industry 4.0 and presented the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI).

Webinar participants engaged in a lively chat discussion during the session. Questions centered around the challenge of strengthening older staff’s IT affinity and the role universities have to play in continuing education. In that respect, special attention was paid to new digital technologies and the economic and societal challenges and risks that arise from digitalisation. Participants were particularly interested in ways to leverage university-industry collaboration for digitalisation initiatives.

The webinar served as a kick-off for a 2-day workshop that is scheduled to take place in autumn 2020 within the framework of IABEP. The International Association of Business Engineering Professionals (IABEP e.V.) is a world-wide, non-profit network of corporate members and academic institutions working together to discuss and develop interdisciplinary solutions for global business operations. IABEP provides an international platform for exchange of business and engineering expertise and innovation. It also offers access to a community of practitioners, academics and trade associations addressing the challenges of global business. ESB Business School is a founding member of IABEP.

IABEP corporate member, Festo Didactic, is a world market leader in technical training and development. Festo Didactic offers a broad range of training and consulting services to maximize productivity and competitiveness for its customers.