Controlling for Beginners

Prof. Dr. Christoph Binder and co-authors publish fourth edition of the accompanying book to "Einführung in das Controlling (An Introduction to Controlling)".

With a new case study and updated specialist vocabulary, the fourth edition of the accompanying book "Einführung in das Controlling", co-authored by Prof. Dr. Christoph Binder, builds on prior subject knowledge of controlling.

The new edition is thus the ideal complement to the correspondingly-titled textbook, which is now available in its sixteenth edition. Much of the content has been left unchanged but there have been improvements in other areas. The structure of the book has proven itself in recent years. The fourth edition is also divided into three segments that are aimed at different user groups.

Sample calculations and case studies

The first part of "Einführung in das Controlling " provides a number of self-contained case studies. The focus here is on calculation examples and exercises that enable students to repeat and work through what they have already learned. With the help of the attached solutions, they can check precisely what they already ‘know’ and also where they might need to catch up.

In the second part of the accompanying book the students meet X-Presso AG, who they are already familiar with from the textbook. On the basis of a comprehensive case study of the fictitious company, the readers gain deep insights into all essential controlling instruments, based on relevant market figures and forecasts.

The English translation of the case study also addresses students of other mother tongues. An added bonus is of course enabling the reader to familiarize themselves with the English vocabulary around the subject of controlling.

Highly practice-oriented

The third part of the accompanying book "Einführung in das Controlling " is characterized by its practical relevance and the simulation of realistic cases of well-known companies. While the existing case studies for the fourth edition were mainly updated, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG offers a further opportunity to get to know the management of individual business units even better.

In addition to the contents in the accompanying book, the students have access to numerous spreadsheets on the SP myBook platform of the Schäffer-Poeschel publishing house, which supplement the tables in the book.