Driving Performance Made in Affalterbach

Alumnus Steffen Mayer, a virtual guest at MSc International Business Development.

By Laura Petersen (IBD)

The core of the MSc International Business Development Master’s programme is to acquire and deepen knowledge for the development of new business areas in a practice-oriented environment. ESB Business School has access to a large and diverse alumni network and regularly welcomes guest lecturers from different industries and fields of activity to its lectures. For example, students of the MSc International Business Development programme in the International Marketing Cases module with Professor Dr Gerd Nufer were able to take part in an online workshop with Mr Steffen Mayer (Mercedes AMG GmbH).

As an alumnus of ESB Business School (IB 2007), Mr Mayer has been working as Market Manager for the Korean and Mexican markets and as Innovation Manager for Digital Sales at Mercedes AMG GmbH since October 2017. In these positions, he is responsible for the sales management of both markets and the development and implementation of digital business models around the topic of digital mobility.

After a brief introduction to the history and development of the AMG brand, Mr Mayer spoke about the company’s strategy with its vision of becoming the most successful performance and sports car brand and establishing AMG as a lifestyle brand – always with the brand promise of “driving performance“ at its core. Against this background, the group spoke about the group’s electrification strategy. With a view to maintaining maximum performance on the road, the company is focusing on a hybrid engine for future models. In order to convey emotions as an enterprise in customer contact, Mr Mayer showed how essential integrated market communication is. Illustrated by the example of the product launch of the new AMG GT R (“The Beast of Green Hell”), it became clear how AMG used various coordinated marketing measures to build up the excitement of potential customers in the run-up to the launch.

Finally, the students had the opportunity to work on a case study on the topic “the future of the performance car market”. In small groups, they dealt with the question of what a future “on demand” business model for AMG might look like. Here they worked on the questions: “Which marketing instruments can be used to acquire new customers?”, “How can customer loyalty to the brand be developed in such a model?” and “What role will the point of sales play in the future?”