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From student to teacher

Why alumna Matea Dumancic is returning to the ESB Business School

By Katrin Reil

From the ESB Business School out into the world – and back again. Matea Dumancic is one of many graduates who come back to Reutlingen after taking their degrees – often in the form of guest lectureships or projects. Matea Dumancic is making an even bigger commitment: As of this winter semester, she is a lecturer in business and engineering.

Matea Dumancic completed her Bachelor’s degree in business and engineering at ESB Business School with top marks in 2013. She then went on to study for a Master’s degree elsewhere - finishing at the top of her class. A semester abroad at the University of California San Diego, as well as an internship semester at Mercedes Benz Hungary and various traineeships completed her profile.

“At the ESB I completed a six-month practical training period which opened doors for me, preparing me for professional life. The combination of economic and technical subjects, along with the practical orientation of teaching - with many case applications - at the ESB made it possible for me to do a wide selection of jobs,” says Matea Dumancic, looking back at her time at the ESB Business School.

After her Master’s degree, she launched her career, initially in consulting. Since 2017 she has been working at Daimler AG in Sindelfingen as a project manager in Research & Development Controlling. Parallel to this, she organizes and moderates cultural events at Mercedes Benz AG.

“To do many different things, to be interested in various topics and to be involved in different areas - I learned that at the ESB as well as other places,” Matea Dumancic says. Against this background, her new role as a lecturer is another key decision. “I like working with young people, teaching them and supporting them on their way. It makes sense to return to the place where I took my first steps.”

Like many other classes in the current “hybrid” semester, Matea Dumancic’s first classes - an introduction to Economics - is taking place online. That’s not a problem for the ESB alumna. “Of course I imagined starting as a lecturer quite differently. But both I and my students have tried it out and the class was great fun. I'm looking forward to being live in the lecture hall at some point.”