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Management Accounting in Supply Chains

New textbook by Professor Dr Andreas Taschner and Professor Dr Michel Charifzadeh

Professor Dr Andreas Taschner (left) and Professor Dr Michael Charifzadeh (right), authors of "Management Accounting in Supply Chains"

By Katrin Reil

Management Accounting in Supply Chains – the name says it all –  is the precise focus of the new textbook by Professors Andreas Taschner and Michel Charifzadeh. The two ESB professors – who have worked together on publications before – have written a new work dealing with two interlinked key topics.

“Modern companies no longer see themselves as lone rangers; increasingly they think in terms of complete supply chains. And that means that the role of management accounting also changes,” says Professor Charifzadeh. He and his co-author regard this process as a major opportunity as well as a big challenge. This is not yet sufficiently reflected in teaching at the higher education level, says Professor Taschner, “Many management accounting seminars only look at the individual economic unit - one company. On the other side, supply chain management teaching frequently neglects the field of accounting. These two areas have to be integrated to produce consistent processes, goals and results.”

“Management Accounting in Supply Chains” is the two professors’ first textbook with this specialization - and it is in English. “Our topic is international, teaching in the BSc programme International Business is completely in English, much of the teaching in the international business and engineering courses is in English, and above all we seek to address international readers. So obviously we wrote it in English,” Professor Charifzadeh explains.

The new textbook provides a clear structure with learning goals and a wealth of practical examples, along with questions at the end of each chapter for the reader to check her/his understanding; also, supplementary material is available on the corresponding website.

Professor Taschner sums up the goal of the new publication: “Our book fills a gap, and we want to pass our knowledge on to readers. Management accounting in supply chains is a very exciting topic. I promise you!”

Andreas Taschner, Michel Charifzadeh (2020): Management Accounting in Supply Chains. Gabler Verlag. ISBN 978-3-658-28596-8