Maths and Computer Science Online. Anything but "Difficult and Dry"!

On hartundtrocken.de two ESB professors create the opportunity to learn online.

Volker Reichenberger/Dirk Schieborn

When it became clear a few weeks ago that the summer semester would take place remotely, ESB professors Dirk Schieborn and Volker Reichenberger agreed to seize this window of opportunity. "Many of the things that we have been dealing with for years, but which we have so far made little use of at ESB, can now be used for the benefit of the students," emphasized the two professors. The professors teach mathematics, computer science (informatics) and data science at ESB Business School but both have been involved in website design and online publishing since the early days of the internet.

As lecturers at ESB, Professor Volker Reichenberger and Professor Dirk Schieborn don’t do things by halves. This is why they decided to create their own platform: On the website www.hartundtrocken.de they have made their teaching videos available online for all interested parties. Providing a YouTube channel, a mailing list and accompanying Instagram and Facebook channels give the project a professional edge and demonstrate their commitment to the students.

"For the earlier semesters in particular, the barriers to entry should be as low as possible. Access should be feasible via channels that students are otherwise familiar with and use," according to Reichenberger and Schieborn. The teaching videos have been tailored towards this current semester's lectures. However, they can also be viewed by students in later semesters to refresh content or to inform themselves in advance about topics such as SQL, formal systems or complex numbers. The content for ESB students is accompanied by exercises, lecture notes and virtual question-and-answer sessions. The first weeks of hartundtrocken (hard and dry) show that the offer has been very well received.

"We realized that we were going to achieve a lot with this venture and the effort has been immense, but we wanted to show our students that we're committed to doing our best for them in these challenging times."