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New Certificate for IPBS Students

The first students in the BSc International Management Double Degree (IMX) programme receive a new distinction.

from left: Prof. Jörg Naeve, Maximilian Buczek, Ellen Schrade, Theofanis Orfanidis, Prof. Christoph Binder

Graduates of the BSc International Management Double Degree (IMX) programme now have one more award to their credit. The IPBS (International Partnership of Business Schools), one of the world's largest multilateral higher education networks, awarded the International Business Immersion Certificate for the first time this year. This award goes to all students who have completed at least one academic year at one of the IPBS member universities. IMX alumni receive the new certificate along with their Bachelor's degree. As part of their studies, they have spent two years abroad.

The situation caused by the pandemic means that in-person graduation ceremonies cannot be held at ESB Business School this year. Yet three people who completed the BSc International Management Double Degree this year - Ellen Schrade, Theofanis Orfanidis and Maximilian Buczek - were nevertheless able to receive their certificates and degrees on campus. And on behalf of all graduates of the programme, they received well-deserved congratulations from Prof. Christoph Binder, Dean of ESB Business School, and Prof. Jörg Naeve, Chairman of the Examination Committee for the BSc International Management Double Degree. “We are delighted to award our students the IPBS certificate for the first time this year. The certificate underscores the international teaching at ESB and its thirteen partner universities abroad,” Prof. Naeve added.