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Ready for International Careers

ESB Business School gets very good results with students and alumni in 2020 Universum Ranking.

Well-educated, internationally-oriented and well-connected - that's how students and alumni of the ESB Business School at Reutlingen University see themselves. In the current Professional Survey by Universum, ESB Business School clearly stands out from other universities in these areas.

Truly International

The survey clearly shows the high value placed on an international outlook at ESB Business School. Students often associated the terms “international” and “internationality” with the ESB Business School. Around 90 percent of those surveyed associated their studies with both studying abroad and international fellow students. The respondent alumni also liked to look back to their experience of internationalism at ESB Business School. Many of them remembered the motto “Truly International.”

More than 75 percent of the business administration students surveyed said that they had lived abroad at some time. On a national average, only one third of respondents could draw on that experience.

Overall, almost 80 percent of ESB students saw their studies as the starting point for an international career. More than three quarters of them said they would choose ESB Business School again.

Strong network

The ESB Business School's extensive alumni network enjoys above-average recognition. Two-thirds of business administration students and more than 75 percent of business engineers said it played a decisive role in their choice of study programme. A majority of around 80 percent of those surveyed cited ESB Business School's alumni network as a direct association with the university.

An important focus of the survey was the area of careers advice. According to the survey, most students at ESB Business School were very satisfied with the advisory services offered at their university.

This is another example of the strength of the alumni network. In the area of business studies, four times as many ESB Business School students sought information from alumni about their career opportunities than the average. They made particularly frequent use of the mentoring programme and various alumni events. Professor Christoph Binder, Dean of ESB Business School, sees a clear reason for this. “Many successful alumni around the world still feel a strong connection with the ESB Business School and the ESB spirit. It is very pleasing that especially younger students benefit from this network.”

Tomorrow’s talent

ESB students get informed about their career opportunities more often than the average. They make intensive use of the ESB Career Centre services, such as the ESB Business School's online job exchange, various career fairs and employer presentations. Almost all respondents said they were contactable for potential employers mainly via online channels.

The majority of those surveyed said they could easily imagine starting a career in the automotive industry or with an automotive supplier after graduation. In fact, one in four of the alumni surveyed ended up in that industry. For business students, the areas of management and strategy consulting as well as marketing & PR were particularly interesting.

A career at an international company was also highly valued by those surveyed. Among the prospective business engineers, as many as 94 percent of respondents said they would like to join such a company.

ESB alumni were also significantly more satisfied with their current employers than the average respondent. Three times as many graduates said that studying at ESB Business School had made their entry into the working world much easier.

Professor Christoph Binder commented that “at ESB Business School we prepare the tomorrow’s talent specifically for international careers. Our students can be found in small and medium-sized companies, large corporations or in their own start-ups. We are pleased that this is reflected in the current Universum ranking.”

About the Universum Professional Survey:

Universum conducted the Professional Survey nationwide from October 2019 to April 2020 with almost 30,000 students and 15,000 alumni from the fields of business administration and business engineering. The two target groups were surveyed separately.