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Ready to hit the Road!

ESB Cycling for Charity prepares for the Relay 2020 tour to France

The Relay team 2020 is ready to hit the road!

The Relay Ressort coordinates their activities.

The team is currently already training three times a week ...

... and meeting up with the sponsoring partners ...

... as well as taking part in various events like the ESB Alumni Weekend 2019.

Funds have already been raised at the "Lange Einkaufsnacht" in Reutlingen ...

... or at Reutlingen's Christmas market.

By Julia Franke

1200 kilometres and three countries

For the 17th time now students from the BSc International Management Double Degree (IMX) degree programme are organising the fundraising cycle tour, ESB Cycling for Charity. In just under two months the 2020 relay team will set off for France. The route will cover 1200 kilometres and cross three countries. To be perfectly prepared for this, the relay team, made up of the committee heads, fundraisers and committed people, is currently already training three times a week.  

The tradition continues

Why has the team agreed to cycle such a long way? Several good reasons speak for this: ESB Cycling for Charity has existed for many years. Hence, the project is a tradition and every year many students are willing to make sure this tradition continues. Another reason is the International Business Weekend (IBWE), the cycle tour’s destination. It is the weekend when hundreds of students from business schools in the IPBS network come together, have the opportunity for cultural exchanges and compete against each other in various sporting contests.  

The sponsoring partners

The most important reason, however, are the sponsoring partners of the relay, the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e.V (Association for children suffering from cancer)and Integramus e.V.. The association has been supported by ESB for many years and in this way can also be of help to families. While the children concerned are having treatment, the parents are not only given a home during this time but also receive psychological support. The association also supports families from abroad who gratefully accept this help. The second partner,  Integramus e.V., stands primarily for helping foreign children and adults to integrate, as well as disseminating information and raising public awareness by means of development policy educational work. Meanwhile,  Integramus e.V. focuses on aid programmes in Africa. For example,  Integramus e.V. supports children in Africa and provides them with basics such as a hot meal a day, a school uniform, exercise books and pens, drinking water, a pair of shoes and medicine. 

Events for a good cause

For the 2020 relay team the work actually began the year before. In order to collect further funding in addition to the donations from companies, the team organised several events. For example, at late-night shopping in Reutlingen in November 2019 a wheel of fortune called the attention of many passers-by to the project, who then donated with great enthusiasm. A highlight for the students of Reutlingen University was a beer pong tournament where a lot of donations also flowed. Further, during the Christmas period ESB Cycling for Charity sold mulled wine and waffles at the Reutlingen Christmas market – there alone, over 1,335€ was raised. The year 2019 ended with a Christmas lecture held by ESB Professor Markus Conrads, which students from the whole university attended, donating their entrance fees.   

Kick-off event on 23 March 2020

To help the donation partners and to carry out the tour on this scale, the student relay team also relies on funding from companies. “We have already received a lot of support and would like to thank all our sponsors for their generosity”, says relay cyclist Julia Franke. With their sights set on the common goal and the knowledge that their project will help people in need, the students are highly motivated.

The kick-off event of the 2020 Cycling for Charity fundraising tour will take place on the campus of Reutlingen University on 23.03.2020. The relay team is looking forward to welcoming donation partners and sponsors, students and professors, as well as many other relay fans.