Simulation of Competitive Dynamics

Students develop strategies for the future with Daimler AG

From: Prof. Dr. Jan Oliver Schwarz

What future dynamics do companies expect to see in an industry? How will competitors act and react? And how will customer preferences change?

These questions can be typically answered in a strategic simulation. In the elective “strategic simulation“ in the MBA International Management part-time programme, students simulated, under the guidance of Professor Dr Jan Oliver Schwarz,  a question formulated by Mercedes-Benz AG.

In the run-up, the students focused on the relevant market players, the market and possible future developments. Finally, from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, competitive dynamics in the future were simulated in three moves. At the end of the simulation the students had the opportunity to discuss their findings with Meliha Loeffler and Martin Eisold (ESB alumni).

On the one hand, it was important for the students to learn to understand the complexity of long-term strategic planning, and on the other hand, to play a part in contributing to current questions concerning a company. “From this cooperation with ESB we have picked up a lot of ideas for current discussions and gained a good insight into the operation of strategic simulations”, said Meliha Loeffler from the strategy department of Mercedes-Benz.