Sustainable Investments - Helping Create Climate Neutrality

Guest lecturer Till Schultis on integrating sustainability into the core business of Allianz

By Simon Löffler und Robert Kravec, MBA International Management Part-Time

Significant changes in society and environment, for example climate change or the growing number of natural disasters, are becoming a risk for humans and companies. Globally operating insurance groups are adopting new approaches – they are thoroughly reconsidering their business model and trying to limit the financial impact on their customers caused by climate change. 

That Till Schultis, project manager for climate integration at Allianz, travelled by train to give his guest lecture to the MBA International Management part-time programme was first of all not all that surprising for the students. This changed when he gave the following introduction to the sustainability activities at Allianz. From the first wind park investment to the contribution of low-carbon investments to the group result, Till Schultis’ reflections won recognition but also caused critical reflection on the part of the audience.  

Till Schultis considers it essential to include risks regarding ecological, social and governance aspects when making investment decisions. Further, he left no room for doubt that the corporate responsibility strategy would pay off for Allianz. “We are doing this because we expect better investment results in the long term“, says Schultis.

The evening ended with a lively discussion about the topic of sustainability. The students quickly established a connection to their own companies. To what extent does electromobility constitute an opportunity or a risk for automotive suppliers? How should firms that are highly dependent on specific agricultural products respond to climate change? These and other questions will give the participants food for thought for a long time to come.