Teaching & Learning Business Spanish from Home

Students talk to influencer Lioba Diez Altuzarra

By Prof. Yoany Beldarrain, Ph.D. 

ESB Business School adjunct Rocío del Pilar Vega Martinez has found a way to make teaching from her home office not only enjoyable, but also more interesting and relevant for her C1 students. During one of her recent online classes, students interviewed - fully in Spanish - blogger and influencer Lioba Diez Altuzarra who then shared her insights on using social media to promote her personal brand pasdebasque, as well as influencer marketing.

This engaging virtual interview with Lioba, a former ballerina at The Royal Ballet, helped students practice their language skills while learning important business concepts. “Apart from our prepared questions, we were able to respond and react spontaneously to Lioba's answers, which resulted in a real conversation. I mean, how to learn a language better than in direct informal and interesting exchange with a native speaker” says Sophia Müller, student of the MSc International Business Development.

Teaching online has additionally fueled Rocío del Pilar´s creativity and dedication. “This has been a unique experience to learn various ways of teaching an international business language to my students. We have been able to interact and travel to countries like Spain and Colombia. Our virtual guests have talked to us about topics such as social media marketing and women's empowerment.”

Although teaching and learning from home has its challenges, it provides refreshing alternatives to traditional methods. As Sophia puts it “This lesson was a prime example of how online teaching can be creative, interactive and educational at the same time.”