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Welcome to the hybrid semester!

Studies kick off for students starting their Bachelor’s degrees at the ESB Business School

Winter semester 2020/21 at ESB Business School has truly begun - The higher-semester cohorts and Master’s degree students were already back studying in the “hybrid” format, and first-year students commenced their semester this Monday.

The collective welcome for all freshers could not take place in the Reutlingen University hall this year due to the pandemic. Instead, there were many small welcome events at the programme level. These took place partly online, partly in person. That saw the coordinators of BSc International Business and the BSc International Management Double Degree welcoming their first-year students on campus - maintaining a safe distance and with mask wearing compulsory; but still there was plenty of ESB Spirit to help first-year students starting in Reutlingen even under these unusual circumstances.

Professor Hendrik Brumme, President of Reutlingen University, Professor Christoph Binder, Dean of ESB Business School and Professor Julia Brüggemann, Dean of Studies at ESB Business School, welcomed the new students in a video message. “I guarantee that you will complete an excellent course of study at Reutlingen University. This is proven time and again by the many rankings in the areas of teaching, research, internationality and in the founding of new companies,” Professor Brumme said.

Professor Brüggemann underscored that the hybrid semester is due to unusual circumstances and combined this with an appeal: “Only together, through mutual consideration and responsible action, both on and off campus, can we succeed in making this hybrid semester safe for all of us.”

We wish all our new students at ESB Business School and at Reutlingen University a great start to their studies!