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Experiencing and studying German culture

North Carolina State University students visit ESB Business School

By Alfred Max

From May 15 to June 24, 2022, ESB Business School once again welcomed students and staff from North Carolina State University (NCSU) to campus as part of a summer school. NCSU is an important partner of the BSc International Management Double Degree Programme (IMX) and a member of the International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS) network. This year, 13 students under the guidance of NCSU Professors Dr. Helmut Hergeth and Dr. Thomas Dow visited ESB Business School. A varied social program with company visits and leisure activities complemented the lectures on campus.

Supervised by IMX German-American program programme coordinator Julie Dengler and Joanne Corlettof International Affairs, the 2022 Summer School included a lecture on financial management by Professor Helmut Hergeth and an introduction to internal accounting by Professor Thomas Dow. In addition, EU expert Nils Bunjes offered the American guests an overview of the history and current issues of the European Union. "Before this study abroad programme, I had never left the United States. Experiencing a new culture was very enriching," one NCSU student said happily.

On the visitors’ first weekend, after a tour of the campus and the city, they climbed the Achalm hill together with ESB students, making their first contacts and enjoying the view of their new surroundings. In the process, the students from North Carolina took the opportunity to exchange ideas with the ESB students  about life and learning in Germany and in the  USA. In the second week, in addition to lectures at ESB Business School, the program included a tour of Tübingen with a punting trip on the river and dinner together, as well as a company tour of the Reutlingen-based flat knitting machine manufacturer Stoll.

Highlights of the third week were the tour of the Daimler AG plant and excursions to Heidelberg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The varied mix of studying and leisure activities was well received, with one Summer School participant saying: "My most impressive experiences were the various excursions such as the Mercedes-Benz tour and the visits to the cities, including Heidelberg".

In the further course of the Summer School, the students visited the auditing and consulting company KPMG. After the first exams, a long weekend was available for excursions (including trips to Switzerland). A very special event was the visit to the Berg brewery in Ehingen.

For many of the participating US students, it was their first time traveling outside of the United States. The NCSU Summer School at ESB Business School once more gave visitors the opportunity to get to know southwest Germany, the people and the culture.

It´s not goodbye, it´s see you again!