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From Reutlingen to Berlin

Development and transfer of modern controlling approaches

By Martina Traub-Kaiser & Alfred Max

The three students Adrian, Marc and Nicolas from the International Accounting, Controlling & Taxation programme at ESB Business School had one semester to develop a "driver-based planning model". Prof. Dr. Carmen Finckh taught them the theory in her lectures. Carrying out the project was then entirely in the hands of the students - coached by the professor and the employees of the online marketing company Crealytics GmbH in Berlin. The ESB students also used software by the start-up Valsight GmbH, which is also based in Berlin.

After hearing ESB student Nicolas say “In collaboration with Crealytics and the support of the start-up Valsight, we developed a new planning tool for Crealytics and were able to test our knowledge from the IACT course in practice”, you might think it's all very simple. But before the results could be presented in Berlin, a kick-off first had to be prepared and carried out. After that, the three conducted intensive research in the area of alternative planning systems and their application.

The three students drew a clear conclusion - "The IACT programme gave us exactly the skills that were required. Our project gave us the opportunity to apply new and modern controlling approaches and tools while exploring new business models. This constructive and inspiring collaboration with the entrepreneurs was tremendous fun." And they added with a smile, “For this, we didn’t mind having to make two trips to Berlin.”